[V2] Robricks Misc. Bugs/Oddities

The Problem:

  1. Money box is misspelled (minor issue, but might as well fix it while we’re at it)
  2. Both the passenger cab seat and passenger seat in the back of the truck can just be sat in

Expected Result:

  1. Money box GUI option spelled correctly
  2. Seats to be properly actionable like other vehicles

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Spawn a Robricks truck, open the item giving GUI in the back, see “monry box”
  2. Spawn a Robricks truck, sit in either the passenger cab seat or back-passenger seat without clicking on it


  1. Screenshot - be6c8f240703faed601aafaf46dff893 - Gyazo
    Screen capture - edf86c76a3e32a6fd1beb85039b1eacc - Gyazo, Screen capture - 9b7bc1fb251690bb814c43d3596f835b - Gyazo
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Please fix when possible bladaddy @blaadam

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