[V2] Remove Seminole Ridge

The title speaks for itself, nobody asked for it… it creates unnecessary lag in V2, and ever since the expansion the game has been extremely laggy almost to the point it is unplayable… we do not need more houses


this goes for all the devs, stop adding stupid shit to v2… the game was fine and now its just laggy

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I played the game for the first time since the update and the extra building genuinely cause me unnecessary FPS drops.


I believe it’s an issue with the streaming service. So I’d just suggest that new features are tested with streaming enabled to ensure it won’t cause issues in the main game. If this is already done then cool but if not, just a suggestion.

Ya they should really be project style houses for that part of redwood

i agree with this post, i started getting unnecessary lag spikes ever since the new redwood houses area was expanded. maybe don’t remove it, just optimize its parts

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When you approach redwood by literally any entrance to the city its very laggy too many unoptimized stuff adding more to it while make Redwood unbearable.

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v2 updates feel very unplanned, like someone just went on studio and randomly decided to add more houses. i don’t really see the point since nobody likes the random updates that don’t really add anything exciting to the game.

its fed in his room thinking at 3 in the morning

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well in colorado they build more houses in random places all the time so it’s actually realistic to do this

is it more realistic to have lag in colorado too


yeah it is the way it works is if they don’t do it in colorado then it’s not actually real