V2 Issues with Park Service Team (2 issues)

The Problem:

Park Service doesnt have access to the arrest database,

The tow boat for parks doesnt work and doesnt show the menu at all, it worked last night however I couldnt recreate it today for the clip (it used to work by clicking the side of the fabric cylinder but would only show the menu and the buttons wouldnt do anything)

Expected Result:
Database should be available.
Tow menu should show up and work as intended.

Reproduction Steps:
Spawn a FPS tow boat and try to pull up the towing menu and tow if you can oull up the menu

(https://imgur.com/1Uillzq) Missing database

(https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1084583970248872027/1224712419104784426/Moments-Desktop-clip-from-Apr-02-2024.mp4?ex=661e7d52&is=660c0852&hm=727414512d52d4144881efa28cfd38b05ddfb08ec1be43ad4f7c4cae04ff19e1&) Boat tow issue

I feel like im missing one more bug but I forgot so I might add later to this thread

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Was fixed in a recent update

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