[V2] Gun Inaccuracy after Tracers update

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The Problem:
Bullets not going where I am shooting after maybe 10 bullets or whilst firing many bullets quickly, from when tracers were added again.

Expected Result:
Bullets going where my crosshair is at OR Significantly lower inaccuracy offset

Reproduction Steps:
Shoot a gun quickly into a target standing still at maybe 10-20 studs. This effect is most pronounced when using automatic weapons (the first few shots [up to 10??] are accurate)


Revert the tracer update :pray:

shut down v2 :pray:

Thought I was tripping :sob: guns been taking easily three mags to take down a target

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new squad update introduced to v2 :skull:


I think youre just trying to use this as an excuse why you shouldnt be removed from MSRT for bad aim.
@itzLegha wont fall for it


I, or anyone I play with have not experienced the issue you brought up

yess love when im shooting someone and my bullets end up in the clouds

who getting dpsed first cause of this

the guns are cooked :pray:

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Don’t remove tracers, just fix the accuracy

Im pretty sure this is a joke but just for clarification your working on fixing this right?