[v2] Fix the CFL System

I joined Firestone back in May. Since I joined, there has not been a single CFL class. I have asked multiple people and no one has a definitive answer as to why they have been halted. All I have heard is that “it is broken”. If you know the whole story, please comment down below.

I currently work in DPW. Almost every shift I have to use the panic button because someone is either attacking me with a crowbar or shooting me. I have been wanting to get a CFL to defend myself for a while now but have not been able to.

Please comment with any information you have down below. Thanks!




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they haven’t hosted any since the trello got compromised, speak with hectro I guess since he hosted the CFL that I attended in like March

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I have also been waiting so long for a cfl class butt still have not got one. I am the director of Firestone Racing Company and we own a parking lot in prominence almost every time we go to practice we get shot up by criminals but we don’t have security because no one is interested and I have been waiting for a cfl class so long that I can’t get one to protect me and my employees.

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Support. There was none, possibly one CFL since the trello got hacked. And if you recall, the FFC said there would be more CFLs… sigh


I understand that the CFL instructors are busy - they have other, arguably more important, jobs in Firestone along with their own lives. Yet POST can get many tiers done and a whole class graduated in more or less a month. If POST can do it, so can the FFC.

The simple solution to the problem: get more instructors.

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Your not allowed to have an Assault Rifle on team anyway


CFL’s Trello Board is Broken and Enveloped has neglected to fix it because he doesnt really care

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I am aware that I am not allowed to have an assault rifle, but just having a pistol would be beneficial.

Any Weapon is not allowed on duty

Here is the DPW Firearms Policy: https://trello.com/c/qNWt7QlZ/996-firearms-policy

"Employees are limited to ONLY having the “CZ-75” and “CBJ-MS” on duty, this gun must be legally purchased and from legal dealer.

Employees must take strict care with firearms, any misuse of them will get reported the the FFC and you will be subject to harsh disciplinary actions.

Supervisor+ is exempt from this policy."

Uh? Why would they restrict you from having guns? If that were true, that would be kinda dumb.

If I remember somewhere there was a Federal Law somewhere not allowing that, but I was clearly wrong

The issue is we physically can’t do anything. I have DMed @GetEnveloped to set up our new app. board and he hasn’t responded.

So this wouldn’t really help, would it?

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because they’re the department of PUBLIC WORKS? not the NATIONAL GUARD?


This form will now be used to hopefully get more attention from Enveloped to fix the CFL board.

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Quoted from @idot_dannyboy

After the board got fukked our application system was broken. When Env fixed the bot, he created two FS bots in hopes that this can be prevented: one bot can only read stuff, the other can create cards (apps) and similar such stuff. Well we figured “maybe we don’t put the edit one on the FFC board to prevent this from happening again.” Well, the apps for CFLs are also on the FFC board. So now we gotta create a new board. So we did. But it’s not linked to the CFL test, out-of-SC database, etc.

Support, I’ve been wanting to get a CFL for a while. Please fix the CFL Trello.

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You learn something new everyday. I wasn’t aware that the system was broken. But when (and if) it’s fixed, hiring more instructors would still help as there weren’t enough CFL courses even when the system was up and running.

By design. It has been long standing policy to only do one CFCT a month as a form of gun control (though we were testing lowering it to three weeks.