V2 Crashing

V2 Bug, occurring mid-loading screen.

Upon joining the hub, clicking on the game, and getting sent to the loading screen; I crash all of the sudden.

This issue has been occurring for the past 1-2 months, and it has been difficult maintaining activity for the Firestone State Patrol, and other businesses that I contribute to.

Although I understand V2 is poorly optimized, the expectation is to be able to have a functional game, considering V3 has been in the works for years?

Unfortunately not able to send F9 logs, as I crash immediately after V2 loads in. After speaking to many members of the community with the same issue, it must be surrounding the memory leak that occurred around a month ago.

Looking through the group wall, and many discord messages, I suspect that I am not the only user experiencing this issue.

Evidence (Apologies about the blurriness):

I hope this issue is able to be reviewed soon, as many people are employed in departments, and struggle to meet weekly requirements.


inb4 get better pc comments


i keep crashing when i play the game and i cant stay in the game longer than 10 minutes without crashing. but its just how poorly the scripts are in game and how poor the game is optimized. but theres no point in this since everyone is gonna say get a better pc lol


has been happening to me as well for 2 months till yesterday. I decided to clean out my pc from any unnecessary files and apps, change from the roblox website to the microsoft version (or if youre currently using the microsoft version change back to the roblox website). I still occasionally crash after about 1h 30 but at least its playable.


certainly an issue! has been happening to me, depending on the day and players, I will either disconnect within 5, 30 mins or an hour, but the crash will certainly happen, especially with the snow the lag is crazy whenever it starts pouring! i am able to run every single game on this platform with high graphics, when i go on v2 is when the problem starts, and only in v2.


also to add on they are never gonna fix the lag bc they said that they arent gonna go through all of the scripts and fix them sooo good luck lol


truly SAD!


why would he care? He gets the premium payouts from the game and can then devex it to buy himself a new car every year


As far as I know, the V2 memory leak is being caused by a local-script. I say this as whenever a client / player crashes, it isn’t the entire server that crashes: it’s just that specific player. The V2 scripters could fix it in a matter of hours by going through the PlaceScriptMemory tab under Client Memory in the developer console and seeing which scripts are using the most memory. Then, the developers can easily fix the issue.

@blaadam Please utilize the listed resources to fix the game. It’s a very pressing issue and limits accessibility of the game. Hell, I’d be open to using the resources to provide you with the source of the client-side memory leak. Please just patch the memory leak, and stop complaining that you don’t know the source despite the tools for doing it being readily available to you and every other player. It’s very annoying for both criminals and police. Criminals are getting falsely banned for LTAA, and as you can see by this report, your own LEOs can’t even play the game.


Only Fed and Path have access to V2. Blaadam literally has to sit in VC with Fed whilst Fed streams his screen and blaadam tells him exactly what to do and write


No one said we dont know it, we said we’re not rescriptimg v2 to fix all of the shit, lets not mention the fact that I’m supposed to be working pn v3, not v2.

Stop being a smart ass and misquoting people.


get off your high horse