[V2] Additions to FSPS

I believe that there are some additions needed to FSPS that could enhance the gameplay while working for FSPS.

There should be some sort of expansion possibly a picking and packing system and you could earn money. You would level up and become a Warehouse Employee, Driver, Senior Driver, etc. For example, this is what I believe it should go like:

Warehouse Employee: Base entry rank, would be inside of the FSPS building and they would move boxes, load them, etc.

Driver: Drives the regular FSPS van and delivers packages

Senior Driver: Access to a possible Step-van or step-truck in the future. Bigger than the usual FSPS van and can carry more boxes, maybe 20+.

This should be a part of a whole XP system and a working system where you work a decent amount of time to level up and acquire new ranks. Or this could be a possible suggestion if it became a Government Department and it would require apps, etc.

If you guys have any feedback or any comments please comment them and let me know what you think.


Also, another thing is I hate driving from Arbor to RW Res back and forth for deliveries. Would it be possible for developers to make it where you do all deliveries in one city before moving on to the next?


it would also be nice that u got more pay as u rank up similar to departments


I would support the ranking up pay because it shows that we earned it and it was dedication.

Additionally it would be great to centralize all orders in one area instead of going back and forth like what Texan said


Support seems cool



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