UprisingZylan for County Council

Hi! I am UprisingZylan and I have little to no experience with policies but I am willing to learn any and all skills needed to do this job. If I am elected I will listen to all voices and incorporate everyone’s thoughts and make decisions based on that. I am dedicated and will devote all my time to this job if elected. I hold no other firestone job and have a lot of free time. Thank you for reading.

I believe there are two areas that need to be improved:
Employment Laws - general improvments
Gun Laws - There has been a lot of violence recently and it needs to stop. I am open to suggestions.

I am available through discord and roblox.
My roblox is UprisingZylan
And my discord is UprisingZylan#4277
Feel free to contact me!


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Elections over. Results at County Council Elections of March 2018.

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