Ugh another one

Hello all, I’m once again sat here wondering what else to do with my life rather than typing this up:

This time it’s to do with the courts.

Now, I think the Courts are a key part of the Firestone legal system however recently I believe they have overstepped their boundaries in order to find a reason to warrant my Head Instructor/ FSP Lieutenant. This has all came about because the doj apparently did a shit job as investigating the case as they didn’t wish to being charges.

Doesn’t that say something if they don’t want to or is it just me?

I think the whole thing of Jef interfering with this just to find a reason to get gunner in some kind of shit is unreasonable and kinda sketchy, although it seems to be covered by law. The situation could of been dealt with by FSP command/ myself if the evidence had been brought to attention. I just think it’s slightly weird how it seems that the Justice has gone out of his way to find something in order to bring a charge about.

Do you think the courts should be able to overstep boundaries like this?
If not should something be in place to regulate this?

Disclaimer; I’m aware what Liam did was wrong and by no means should of it occurred.


ugh another one


I think this is a situation that should’ve been handled by the DOJ/DPS/IO or some other executive branch agency… not the courts.


ah shit here we go again


Members of the Judiciary should not be acting like the Department of Justice with alleging charges nor should they be setting up hearings/inquiries on their own accord like Congress does.

This was a huge step out of bounds, and I was surprised to see this occur. Whether or not Gunnnerr is in the wrong or not isn’t to be determined by the court unless the Justice Department decides to bring up charges. If this Judiciary is able to do things like this, they become the accuser, judge, jury, and executioner.


Why cant the courts quit fucking with firestone


I frankly disagree with Jef’s actions. The judicial branch’s purpose is not to enforce the law, as Justice Jef has done here, but to interpret the law. If we had created a judicial branch in order for it to enforce the law, we might as well get rid of the governor and the executive branch, whose jobs are to enforce the law.
We already have numerous law enforcement agencies that could easily have done what the justice had done, and then submitted a request for a warrant, provided their evidence was sufficient to warrant probable cause.
The Department of Justice may have mishandled this case extremely, but that does not allow for the judiciary to conduct independent investigations out of their Article III jurisdiction. Given that Congress cannot extend their jurisdiction either way, it is not possible for them to imply that they have this power.

I hope the Courts will learn from this incident, and prevent such an occurrence from happening again. The Courts have overstepped their power this time, and from their recent activity, a further step may be possible.

for the people that don’t know about the sep of powers:
legislative branch: makes the laws
executive branch: enforces the laws
judicial branch: interprets the laws


I personally believe that Gunner was not in the wrong in this situation, not going to say more.


The judicial branch is Firestone’s most overpowered branch in my opinion.
You can fuck people up ez.
Basically declare them guilty of a charge before a trial even happens: warrants.

Hell, when I was a judge (you might be surprised that I became a judge but I did, for a month) I issued a warrant on someone for two months for merely dressing up like me (which was longer than my term as judge). I also issued some other controversial warrants, did some sketchy shit (like let a bailiff decide cases), took bribes; pretty op being a judge.


I notified B_ear and Code_Law of a plausible action in order to give them time to prepare.

The constitution explicitly states that the courts can issue a warrant without a concern from law enforcement. We were given this power as a check on the DoJ. The GRP gives us the explicit authority to initiate a hearing for a matter pertaining to the courts.

The DoJ essentially said they were done looking into it, but finding a probable violation of the law, I enacted my lawful authority to review the matter and take appropriate action.

My job is to uphold the law and constitution. When that is violated, and the EB doesn’t investigate it thoroughly, it’s my prerogative to determine if a violation of the law occurred. Sometimes, to do that, I need to ask questions.

This has happened before, and will likely happen again. Would you rather I make uninformed decisions?


Firestone has turned into everyone against each other you can’t do anything as an LEO without someone questioning you or not being happy with it


I interpreted the evidence the DoJ had gathered, and there were still some ambiguities. Congress explicitly outlined the ability for us to ask these sorts of questions so we can make informed decisions.

This is a core check in our government.


this post screams “reee brother cop did a bad and is being held accountable save himmmm”

yall would give 0 shits if this was a regular civ and thats that on that


Your only saying it cus ur like besties with jef


Skye and I disagree quite often, and we are generally pretty public about it when we do.


crazy how you didnt say the same about bear despite the fact that hes friends with liam :weary:


Ik cus he isn’t in the wrong


Jef, there’s a line. You have crossed it. You’re acting like a prosecutor.


Please, in your legal expertise as a profound Deputy of this great state, explain the line in terms of applicable legislation and the Constitution, and further, display where my acts crossed it. I’ll wait.


I would like to thank B_ear for not calling this a “Court:Gate”.