Tips and Tricks to Avoid "False" Prosecution

Tips and Tricks to Avoid “False” Prosecution

If you didn’t do the crime, then why spend the time? Here are some useful tricks to avoid prosecution within criminal scenarios:

  1. Don’t show your name in sketchy areas. Showing your name is a great way for you to be arrested for a crime that you totally didn’t do. If you are seen with your name then that directly links any evidence to you!
  2. Before going to sketchy areas, make sure to go to an ATM and deposit your money. That way if you’re unfortunately put into a scenario where firearms are used, you aren’t arrested for being killed at a crime scene (for a crime you obviously didn’t commit).
  3. If placed under arrest, calmly ask the officer, “What is your badge number? Why am I being detained?” If they can’t articulate the reason, you may find yourself being able to appeal the arrest later down the line.
  4. Only provide identification when asked to do so. Once identification is given, do not speak without an attorney present. You only need to provide identification and that is it. Don’t talk about anything related to the scene or anything that you may or may not have in storage.
  5. Make sure to record your interaction. If possible, record what was happening prior so it can be used as context as a defense in the future.

These are just five ways to avoid being put into the slammer for a crime you totally didn’t do. If you have any questions, reach out to the Public Defender’s Office or to a Board-certified attorney.


Clonemep, Esq.
Chief Public Defender
Department of Justice

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