Thoughts on businesses in Firestone?

What are y’all thoughts on businesses operating in Firestone? Do you think they are dying or active? Boring? Fun? Could it be better, or could it be worse? What do you all think?

they chill

dying with 3 businesses keeping it alive


i think businesses need game function other than food

like people want to feel like their job is important, and the way to do that is to add function to their jobs

now obviously you cant feasibly do this for every job, but we can start with paying employees.

for example, fnn & fbc’s sets are great

a game function directly made the service more useful and easier to produce

Now where else could it be applied?

Private shipping companies can be responsible for shipping produce or products to npc businesses otherwise food cant be sold

Pipeline companies could upkeep the grid and if it isnt upkept the gas prices go up

Janitorial services could get a mop tool and clean businesses

Even food jobs could be way cooler, ie actual animations and making the food would make the game far more immersive and entertaining for the player

the possibilities are endless

if you want the private sector to flourish, make the private sector meaningful



little side note: all of this requires development support

(and that wont happen at the rate we’re going)

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at the rate we’re going V2 is going to break because of how old it is and how the devs are trying to balance keeping V2 alive while trying to work on V3

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dying and boring, coming from a business owner

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I agree we do have too many food business, but sadly most other ideas are hard to execute or people are generally not interested.

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