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The Smokin’ Patty is a fast-food burger restaurant that is reopening in the State of Firestone! We offer a wide range of different menu options such as burgers, fries, and shakes! If you would like to be apart of our staff team, please apply! Applications are open 24-7 with results every few days.

We currently operate in:

  • State of Firestone
  • City of Vancouver


  • friendly and active staff!
  • reasonable and manageable quotas!
  • high-quality food!
  • excellent pay!
  • lots of promotion opportunities!


Discord link: The Smokin' Patty

Group link: The Smokin' Patty - Roblox

Application link:

Open Positions:

We also have some open positions if you’re interested. If interested, please send me a resume via DMS and it must be either typed up on Google Documents by direct messages if you wish!

  • Supervisor of Public Relations
  • Supervisor of Section 1
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