The introduction to skyscrapers

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As the title suggests, I think v2 should have skyscrapers. None of our buildings are between 10-20 floors (minimum floor count to be considered a skyscraper) and the fact that the only high-rise building would be the gutted out bank.

I think this should be implemented in prominence if any city because it is our capital city. With that, it should have a financial district where office buildings can be made, more in particular, skyscrapers.

I do understand that part count should be considered because well there can be a lot of parts in a single skyscraper, however it would vary. For example, you can have filler buildings where they can make Prominence feel more dense and if interiors are considered, they can be used on certain floor levels just to keep it optimized.

This can benefit those in DOCM as businessmen and women because they can have their own office space since companies like pigeon kebabs and other businesses are doing well.

This can also benefit the idea of owning apartments on higher levels so that a player can just have a view high in the sky, however it would be more expensive to have because these apartments would be luxurious.

A final benefit would be making some “under construction” where SPC can rp construction work on the building site and it can be a spot for illegal dealers just for crims as well.

The reason why I think it’d be better off in Prominence than in all three cities is that Redwood is seen as more of a town with 1-2 stories max and Arborfield is supposed to be a rural based city, so that wouldn’t work well. Prominence would make the most sense because well it would symbolize the prosperity of the state since capital cities are typically the symbol of economic prosperity and where the politicians work.

So in conclusion, skyscrapers should be a thing because it can benefit businesses, create new apartments that can be owned, and for those under construction for construction companies and crims. Including the fact that it would make the District of Prominence more dense.

TLDR; Skyscrapers should be added because it can make Prominence more dense as a capital city and it can benefit businesses, crims, and construction companies. It can also introduce luxurious apartments.


Allow criminals to rob rooms too


Hmmmm good idea

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I agree, specifically Prominence. It has the features and planning of a city yet has no taller buildings. Even if they were empty, it’d add a nice touch the the atmosphere so as long as they don’t entirely block the capitol


Support so ASB has a purpose


its been discussed - and no