The Firestone Rules of War

The Rules of War or the International Humanitarian Law was created to protect those who;

  • Cannot Fight, or have been injured from fighting
  • Are innocent Civilians

I propose we have a Bill to pass the Firestone Rules of War, this would then allow for a proper court martial system within Firestone, mainly National Guard, but also to those who took action for the other side. This would of course affect Governmental forces and non-state forces (Such as Whatever new bloody force is out there nowadays).

"Rules of War:

Civilian - Non-combatant ,a person not in the armed services or the police force.

Combatant - A person or nation engaged in fighting during a war.

Humanitarian Relief - Persons involved with the indiscriminate aid of any combatant or civilian within the field of battle

I. All Parties involved within the conflict must at all times be able to distinguish between Civilians and Combatants. When involved in the conflict, attacks may only be directed towards other Combatants, no attack is to be direct toward Civilians.

II. Any threat of terror directed to the Civilian population is prohibited.

III. Any forces involved within the conflict at to be organized armed forces, groups and units to which while under a command from any Command member, that command member is to remain responsible for the actions then taken by that armed force, group or unit.

IV. Civilians are protected from attack, unless they take direct part in hostilities.

V. Indiscriminate Attacks are to be prohibited, Indiscriminate attacks are those;
a) that do not have a direct impact towards a specific Military objective or target.
b) which employ a means or method that cannot be direct specifically towards a Military objective.
c) employ a method of combat which cannot be limited"

This would of course continue, but I’d like to know the general consensus around this idea. Now don’t think that NG doesn’t have a form of Court martial, it does. The Laws of War are to govern all parties involved, now whenever this may be, at the conclusion, decided by both sides (or if they pull out from that conflict), should then be (if required) prosecuted for breakage of the Laws of War.

This would also mean we add a new RP element of Humanitarian aid, the Firestone Red Cross if you will. Please do discuss this further, this could work if we got it completely ironed out.


I feel like this would make war a lot more organized. Support.


Or, we can not have useless wars in a lego game but hey.


Can we not use hydra as a example? They died out.

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Very hard to do in ROBLOX.

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