The Firestone Democracy Project - Help Needed (research questions)

Hello everyone, I have some research questions that will help influence a report on how democratic Firestone is, please send them to me on Discord (float#6784) if you wish to participate:

Political rights:
Was the Governor elected through free and fair elections?
Was Congress elected through free and fair elections?
Are electoral regulations non-obstructive and impartially operated?
Do individuals have the right to form political parties and associations?
Do the executive and legislative represent the will of the public?
Are safeguards against inappropriate behaviour strong and effective?
Does the executive and legislative operate with openness and transparency?

Civil rights:
Is there free and independent media?
Is there freedom of assembly?
Is there freedom of speech?
Is there an independent judiciary?
Does due process prevail in civil and criminal matters?
Are individuals free from state discrimination?
Are individuals allowed to own property and business without undue interference?


can also help by filling in this short survey:

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im not reading all that but
happy for u bro
or damn that sucks, good luck


No (I mean legally yes but it’s pretty difficult), but tbh I think that actually makes Firestone more democratic by forcing independence for every candidate and to be voted on individual values instead of being classed into a general group.


honestly i dont see the point of parties. all they do is cause extra conflict for no reason and in real life (usa wise), its horrible. so…you know

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