The CTCG Has Been Updated and Renamed!

The Criminal and Traffic Code Guide has been renamed to Firestone Emergency Services Mobile Data Terminal, or for short, MDT.

In addition to criminal and traffic codes, we will be having a warrants database and a section for useful resources. I hope this makes it easier for all law enforcement officials to do their job easier, instead of having to switch between multiple documents to gather information they might need throughout their patrol.

I have also expanded the number of people who will be allowed edit access to the document, which would now include:

  • Chief of Staff iSchwenzer
  • Chief Justice FIoatmanjason
  • Attorney General MrShibe
  • Director Buford1842
  • Secretary TommyT222ALT
  • Superintendent Dragon2290
  • Sheriff tacticalwhale21

If you have any comments, questions, and/or concerns in regards to the MDT, please either reply to this thread or direct message me on discord. Thanks!


New name sounds weird

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