The Ability to Anchor Cars (with some rules)


I have been encouraged to bring up a very good and more importantly, a very useful feature that I believe should be added to Firestone, as mentioned above, the ability to anchor cars;

What do I mean?

Well, I propose a new key bind should be used for a new ability to anchor cars in place to stop people from ramming your car out of its parking space that it may have been in originally.


A little while ago, an officer told me that he had received 2 citations in the past for illegal parking while off duty, however, this was not to his fault, he had explained to me that these citations were issued because of reckless criminals knocking his car out of place and it just so happened that an officer had walked past and assumed it was intentionally put out of place. I myself do not leave my car out of my sight due to this reason, as I don’t want my record botched.

Would there be rules?

Yes, if this feature was added a good way to prevent abuse of the feature would be the ability to only be able to anchor it in parking spaces and not randomly across the map, what do I mean by abusing? Well, criminals could use it to barricade themselves from police indefinity during a robbery, hence, the anchor should only work in parking spaces.


This topic has been brought up in the past, however I have found the courage to try to revive the idea of this amazing quality of life update, if this topic ever gets big, feel free to leave your opinion down below in the comments…

Not happening

You can literally get it expunged if that happens

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thats very unrealistic