TacticalArcane for County Council of Stapleton County


Hello! I am TacticalArcane, a candidate for County Council. For those who do not know me well, I joined the State of Firestone community about 2-3 months ago, and have stuck with it ever since. Therefore, I declare my candidacy for County Council elections 2020.

Firestone Positions

The position of County Council is a stepping stone to gaining a higher status in the Firestone government. It is also good to have experience within Firestone, in order to gain knowledge of how the group works and such.

  • Current Public Employee of the Department of Transportation.

Stapleton County Departments

Over the recent weeks, I have learned that there are many problems within Stapleton County Departments, and that (possibly) the County government has little to none power over them as well. If this is true, I intend to help the County Executive in attempting to gain more control over the county departments, and other plans that are listed below.

Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office

The Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office has been going downhill. With many problems ranging from deputies to official handbooks to higher ups, it is clear that the Sheriff’s Office has not been operating efficiently. I intend to meet and cooperate with the County Executive Elite_Creations, and the SCSO Sheriff JamesDeek in order to help the department operate efficiently, and how it was long ago.

Stapleton County Fire Department
The Stapleton County Fire Department has improved significantly over the months, however it seems like there is still problems within the Department. I intend to cooperate with the County Executive and the Chief to help structure the department into a great and outstanding department within Stapleton County and Firestone.

Within the County

Recently, I have seen many citizens getting kidnapped, shot at, and being attacked by someone with a knife. I intend to pass a bill that raises the safety of Firestone citizens in the County as a whole, and to decrease crime as well. With the good work that HLS, SCSO and FSP are doing, I believe I can help them and help the citizens as well.

City Government

City governments have been disliked and will continue to be. I cannot promise, however I intend to help the City governments within the County to gain popularity and trust in order to conduct what is needed of them.


I intend to do the following, but I cannot promise to complete or these will happen.

  • Pass bills that further ensure the safety of Firestone cities.
  • Attempt to cooperate with other Council Members in order to pass bills, and such.
  • Attempt to help other Council Members in any way possible.
  • Attempt to let the county government to get more control over county departments.
  • Attempt to help the County Executive in any way possible.County Executive

County Council Candidate.




Voting open.