T_xom for Senate

T_xom for Senate — “Restore Greatness in the State Government”

I am T_xom and I am running to be a Senator. I believe that I am qualified for the office. If you agree that I am qualified and you support my views, please reply with “Support” to this post and consider voting for me.


After four years in the Firestone community, primarily focused on civilian gameplay, these are some of the positions that I’ve held or currently hold:

  • Stapleton County Council (former)
  • Arborfield City Council (former, x2)
  • Prominence District Council (current)
  • 2nd President of the Prominence Library (current)
  • Owner of T-Rex News (current)
  • Employee of scriblelz Animal & Food CO. (current)

I additionally formerly held a Bar Certification. Do not ask any questions about what happened to the Bar Certification.


I have written and sponsored the following pieces of legislation which have passed the Prominence District Council and are currently in effect:

  • An Other Amendment to “An Ordinance to Better the Oath of Office”
  • Legislative Bar of SwedishVic
  • The Expulsion of Prominence District Attorney FinleyFraser12345

Additionally, I have proposed “A Resolution to Establish New Floor Rules” to the District Council, and it is currently being considered.


It is apparent that there is little competition in this Senate Election. At the current rate, there may not even be enough candidates who have reached the required signature count, and those who run may just be elected by default. Whether or not this happens, anyone who runs will have a high chance of winning, regardless of their competence or ability to write legislation. With my government experience and past legislative efforts, I believe that I have proven myself as the right person for the job. Here are my two main beliefs:

  • The state government is not meant to intervene in county or municipal affairs whatsoever. I will not support any legislative efforts to override decisions made by inferior governments.

  • Firearm rights are essential to the freedom of the people of Firestone. If elected, I will try my hardest to loosen gun restrictions imposed by the Uniformed Control of Firearms Act, increase the frequency of CFCT trainings being hosted, and I will not support legislation to strengthen gun restrictions.


I have made mistakes in the past. Many of those reading this will think that I am a criminal, or that I am not fit for the Senate. They are wrong, and so are the corrupt naysayers who attempt to prosecute me for everything that I say or do. I am here for the people of the State of Firestone, not for those who benefit from and promote the exploitation of the people and the violation of our constitutional rights. For honesty, transparency, and freedom, consider supporting and voting for T_xom.


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do you have any state-level legislative experience

I do not

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No support, I don’t support people who interrupt county chamber floor

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support !!! gl!!

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Support and endorse

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I support

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