Sunday July 24th Iron Sights Gun Show

Greetings all, just wanted to announce that with my ongoing Senate Campaign, I am going to be holding a Gun Show at the Iron Sights Shooting Range in the City of Arborfield.

It’s been a while since one of these have occurred, so that is exciting I suppose, recently I went through the necessary procedure, and got it cleared by the Rifle Association, and everything else necessary.

It should be a good time, so if you’re interested in attending, you should definitely come! Needless to say, if you plan on bringing a firearm, please make sure it is a legally obtained one.

Don’t be discouraged from attending the event if you are not a licensed firearm holder, as there will be plenty to do, and you will be able to also watch people shoot firearms, and there will be people to talk to aswell.


The event will be held on Sunday at 3:00 PM EST, at the Iron Sights gun range in Arborfield, owned by the Firestone Rifle Association.

Hope to see you all there, please contact me with any questions, the time and date is subject to change.


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