Subpoena to: LegendOfFreedom

To: LegendOfFreedom

In accordance with Article III, Section VI of the State of Firestone Constitution, you are ordered and obligated to appear in the State of Firestone District Court by the set time, date, and courthouse stated below (to testify before the court) at the respective trial. Upon your arrival, you are not to leave the courthouse unless specified by the Presiding Officer or a Bailiff states you may do so.

Time/Date You Must Appear By: August 13th, 2020, at 11:10 PM EST (at the LATEST, please join the Discord as soon as possible)
Place of Proceeding: Firestone Courts Discord (code: hKyBgv9)
Case: State of Firestone v. LegendOfFreedom

Failure to abide by the subpoena and Article III, Section VI of the State of Firestone Constitution will result in receiving contempt of court.


Chief Court Justice
The State of Firestone

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