StrategicResponses For Senate!

                          StrategicResponses For Senator

I am strategicresponses and a big member of the private sector with being in many positions of local businesses being in both employment and administrative roles. I am running for Senator to bring more support for businesses

My Plan:

My plan is too organize new legislation to be more centered towards the business sector in Firestone. We have many people who are in need of work and with new legislation we can get businesses to be the forfront of our Commerce Industry and get people back to work

I hope you will consider me for Senator and have a safe night!

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Do you have any experience with stuff like this?


I was a active member of the goverment house (their senate verison) for another group that is no longer active called the State of Antarctica.

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thanks for being in Tom’s Auto & Repair in the early days

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As a government house member, did you propose any legislation?


in my short time of being a member of the government house. I’ve never proposed new legislation and only voted on new legislation cause the state went into a civil war shortly after me becoming a government house member.

I hope that answers your question




Nice GFX, support.

Support! I really hope you win strategic

Support !


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