Stapleton County, Version 3: Alpha Release and Roadmap

State of Firestone
Last Updated: April 1, 2020, 12AM EST


State of Firestone was established on April 1, 2016 alongside with the initiation of development on Stapleton County, Version 1. Upon completion of Version 1, the administration decided that the game simply was not enough to meet our standards, thus the development of Version 2 begun. The alpha release for Version 2 was April 1, 2017. From Alpha to full release and onwards, Version 2 has seen many developers come in and out, resulting in a creation of multiple incompatible scripters on a singular project. As the issues kept arising for Version 2, it was decided that a new version would go under development with specific guidelines and mechanisms to prevent what Version 2 came to be. The Alpha release date is set to April 1, 2020, sometime during the day. This document will consist of all the information you need in regards to Version 3 from Alpha to full release. It will be updated from time to time to show progress and where the game currently stands at.

Table of Contents

  1. Alpha Release Information
  2. Department-Specific Information
  3. Civilian Life
  4. Hub Information
  5. Roadmap
  6. Developer Credits

Alpha Release Information

Alpha release is meant for playability. It should be known that the game is still under development and many features are still missing from the game. The price is brought down significantly to allow more players to have access, while continuing to report bugs to developers and help in production. Version 2 will remain open for the duration of Alpha until features within Version 3 provide the same, if not more, than Version 2. This includes the addition of all departments present in Version 2 and all necessary tools to complete their tasks. The focus of Alpha is bringing as many departments and sub-divisions as we can prior to working on the core roleplay features. Most aspects of Alpha will be heavily dependent on player-to-player roleplay experience as we work on bringing gameplay mechanics including player-to-world interactions.

All criminal and court records from Version 2 will not transfer over to Version 3. Everyone will begin on a clean slate. However, during the start of Alpha, no records will be permanent, nor will it affect employment opportunities. We grant the privilege of every player to roleplay either as their department job, or as a civilian life, whether it includes crime or not. This is primarily for assistance in development to create and polish gameplay mechanics for both sides. An announcement will come out when records will begin to stick. Additionally, data is expected to reset periodically. Game related purchases, such as currency purchasing and gamepasses, will be not be available until data is persistent and the economy has been established. All gameplay features that involve saving will be reset every data reset.

Perks will be offered to our early access, alpha, and beta players upon Version 3’s FULL release. If you are an early access player, you do NOT need the badge to get perks. You only need to have purchased the gamepass or have purchased Early Access in Fed’s Studios prior to the game moving to Firestone. Early Access players will get not only perks exclusive to early access, but alpha & beta perks as-well. PERKS ARE UNDECIDED, AND WILL BE DETERMINED AT A LATER DATE

No refunds will be offered for anything involving Stapleton County Version 2. It is it’s own separate game and will be de-activated once Version 3 takes over.

Department-Specific Information

There are currently very little department features present in Alpha. The only departments that have playability are:

  1. Firestone State Patrol (no subdivisions)
  2. Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office (no subdivisions)
  3. Department of Homeland Security (no subdivisions)
  4. Firestone National Guard (no Coast Guard or Military Police, no vehicles)
  5. Stapleton County Fire Department (EMS only)

Each law enforcement team will start with the player-to-player interactions including detaining, grabbing, force seating, and other. Guns from version 2 will be issued until the guns for version 3 have been polished up and ready for production. All other departments not in the list have access to switch teams and use the radio, but may be missing core features such as gameplay, vehicles, and otherwise.

The Fire Department will be limited to such medical services as the death system will be featured on release.

Civilian Life

A core feature of Version 3 will be the amount of opportunities a normal civilian can have within the game. However, there is not much available within Alpha release, but will be added as we push through development. The death system is one of the completed features that will enhance roleplay. Civilians have to ability to stay dead (ragdoll) and await for medical services. A plethora of roleplay opportunities are available including crime scenes with dead individuals and other. We encourage the community to make use of the new ragdoll system and explore opportunities in enhancing roleplay during Alpha release until player-to-world gameplay features are developed.

At the moment, there is no illegal tools for criminals to use (including weaponry) on Alpha release. However, it is one of the main priorities alongside with departments that we intend to establish early on in development.

Hub Information

The Hub is a very new feature we have added to the State of Firestone. The primary goal of the hub is to have all firestone-related games under a single universe, allowing cross-game compatibility including phone calls and otherwise. It is a project that will take some time to polish as it is a brand new system we are introducing. There will be bugs here and there during Alpha and we intend to squash as much as we can and provide ease of access to all players. Most games under the Firestone group games will transfer over to the hub later on as it is being developed. If you no longer see a game under Firestone that you once saw before, be sure to double check the Hub prior to contacting a developer.



Product Status
Respawn System - Custom ragdoll death with respawn timer Completed
Phone - Basic necessary phone apps functional. In Progress
Backpack - Custom inventory system with weights. Planned
Gun System - First/Third Person enhanced gun mechanics In Progress
Arrest System Completed
Stamina Planned
Vehicles In Progress
Compass Indicator Completed
Radio/Automated Dispatch System Completed
LEO Tools In Progress
Database Completed
Fire System Planned


Product Status
Breath Planned
Phone - Remaining apps Planned
Vehicle Inventory Planned
Skills Planned
Robberies Planned

List is incomplete and will be updated as the game is developed.

Developer Credits


  1. FedoraMasterB98 - General Builder
  2. pathwaysbball - General Builder and Animator
  3. GetEnveloped - Scripter


  1. InspectorZeppelin - Vehicle Builder
  2. colorful_parrots - Interior Builder
  3. Cenosity - Terrain Developer
  4. DevelopingTheBlue - General Builder
  5. SourcedInfinity - UI Designer
  6. Lidels - Vehicle Scripter
  7. JohnAvia - Tool Developer
  8. AtlanticCanuck - Train Track Placements
  9. MarcTheEmperor - Correctional Facility Builder
  10. fly10101 - General Builder (no longer apart of the team)
  11. NWSpaceK - Train Developer (no longer apart of the team)
  12. CanineEnforcement - Uniform Designer
  13. longmeech - Storyline Writer

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