Stapleton County (V2/V3) Whitelist Server Information

Whitelist Server Information

The Firestone Administrators will be hosting a weekly private server for strict voice roleplays. This private server will operate off of a whitelist-only system where people must be whitelisted in order to participate. There are requirements to being within the server as well as unique regulations for the respective server to allow enjoyment from all parties and have a unique roleplaying experience within Firestone.


The server will have regulations in order to maintain the integrity of the purpose. All players will be required to respect the following rules and regulations put in place:

  1. The FRP Guide will be put to use in the private server.
  2. You must drive your vehicle realistically. You should not be constantly driving in gear 11 around the map.
  3. For now, your records will stay with you in the public servers should you be arrested or cited.
    • If you wish to create an alternative account for the purpose of crimes while having a main account as a law enforcement officer, this typically would not be allowed in terms of legality in public servers, but discussions for exceptions can be made for your specific character. Speak to GetEnveloped about this.
  4. Court cases can happen for incidents within the private server.
  5. Use of microphones are required.
    • For specific individuals that are known to roleplay well within text may be considered for whitelist without use of microphone. This is a rare specific scenario that can be discussed with GetEnveloped.
  6. You must not be banned from the main Firestone Discord. That server will be used for all voice communications between civilians and other law enforcement officers.
  7. Since this is a whitelist server, cops may not cuff rush for no reason and incidents of FRP may result in a whitelist removal. If another individual fail roleplays, you must talk with them on how to fix the issue without ruining roleplay.
  8. Value of life is important. Prevent your character from going to prison or dying in any roleplay scenario.

How to get Whitelisted

In order to get whitelisted, you need to keep an eye on general announcements for when applications for the whitelist server open. This is a voice interview with one of the Founders in their office to determine whether you are eligible for the server or not. You may be declined for any reason whatsoever.

How to join the server

After being whitelisted, you will have access to the whitelist server when they open up. You can join the server by running the command “!joinwhitelist” within Stapleton County V2 and V3. You will not have access to the server when the server is not available for play (once a week). The servers will open on a dedicated time and day when the Founders decide and announce it.


Use of CAD

The Stapleton County private server uses a third party website for computer aided dispatch. All public employees and civilians are required to register an account with RocketCAD ( After registering an account, you must use the link provided to whitelisted players in private to join the State of Firestone community.


The CAD system allows for civilians to create their own identification card and lore to their person. Players are open to creating whatever lore they wish so long it is reasonable within Stapleton County. Names must always be your Roblox username. You may not input a false information such as a false license plate with a vehicle. All information entered must be accurate. If you do not enter an information prior to driving a vehicle or thereof, you may face consequences.

Dispatchers will use the CAD system to pull up individual information. It is possible that arrest and citation records will only be based off of the CAD system for the private server only.

There is a courts feature that has not been set up yet.


Instead of using the ERU in Stapleton County, public employees will be making use of the CAD system to show their availability and the call they are at. The CAD provides more information and makes it easier on the dispatchers to know what is actively going on and what unit is doing what. You should explore the CAD system prior to entering and starting your shift in the private server. You should use as much as as you can of what the CAD system provides as it will benefit everyone.

Arrest and citation reports must be filled out on the CAD system as well as in-game. The CAD system is far more detailed than what you fill out in-game and should be filled as much as possible.

The medical reports that can be used by the Department of Health and Stapleton County Fire Department should be used as much as possible.