Stapleton County V2 Update

We understand that updates have been seldom recently. This is because we have been hard at work on some big plans! We have not quite finished everything we wanted to for this update, but we are going to go ahead with some of the new things, including LEO cars. Developers are busy this week and have been for a bit. Below is included what is yet to be completed and should be added soon. This update includes:

  • New Law Enforcement vehicles: Every LE department gets updated cars. These are built from the ground up. The new emergency lighting on them is also lag-free!

  • Vehicle gas: All civilian and LE vehicles now have an active gas system. For now, car spawn with a full tank. Given that, gas station are now operational.

  • Game loader: To help all users connect to the game better.

  • Donation: You can now donate in-game cash to any other player in the game!

  • Interiors: We now have a new interior loading system which should be much less buggy. Due to this, a few interiors may not work yet on this new system, but they all will soon. A couple of businesses have been removed at the request of Commerce. Some interior fixes have been made to buildings.

  • Planned for next Update: Due to a couple of things not being complete (as mentioned before), we will not be resetting data yet. Next update should include a data reset, as well as vehicle color and plate purchasing options, new vehicles, cash purchasing, and a weapons update. The jail timer issue is our biggest priority right now. A fix for this should be pushed as soon as it’s done, before the next large update to V2.

That includes this update to Stapleton County V2!