Stapleton County V2 40K Members Update

We have reached a huge milestone of 40,000 members in the State of Firestone! Thank you, Firestonians! To celebrate this, we are throwing together a bunch of new features in an update. Remember that updates will be seldom and small now, mainly important fixes. This update includes:

  • Car Suspension: A few of you noticed this from the tease pictures, you’re right! All civilian and law enforcement cars now have wheel suspension. All other vehicles will get this shortly after.

  • Building Fires: Have been re-added and improved! Several new locations have been added. Interiors also catch fire and are enterable during fires.

  • Money Drop: You will now drop several bills of cash upon dying. This can then be picked up by other people. It is currently 10% of your wallet cash.

  • Ammo Refilling: You can now buy refill ammunition for guns for a nice, low price! This is available at the legal and illegal gun dealers.

  • Car Decals: Have been added for several department car spawners.