Stapleton County Update (Improvements and Fixes)

Just as promised, here are the fixes for a couple of issues many users are having in the game. A few other minor changes were added in also.

  • New Loader: This will help all users connect to the game better. Many bugs form the previous implementation have been squashed.

  • Jail Timer: The jail timer has been updated and fixed. An incomplete version of it was accidentally published to the game in the previous update, which introduced the problems.

  • Christmas Removed: Christmas decorations have been removed (yes I know, it took the public works a while to get it down), but the snow will stay for a while longer.

  • Boats Removed: Due to the amount of bugs and instability that have plagued the boats for a long time, they have finally been removed. We have not made a final decision on whether or not they will be re-added. It depends on how several factors play out. We are sorry for the departments that have a role in boating, and we will be sure to offset the removal of boats for you in some way.

  • Vehicle Gas: Gas usage has been reduced on vehicles in response to player feedback. The Tesla ironically had an issue where it used more gas than normal, instead of less. That has been fixed also.

  • Added Previously: We had a mini-update a couple of days ago. This included the addition two new tools: radar guns and protest signs! Radar guns are for law enforcement teams. The protest sign can used on any team and purchased here:

Thank you for playing! Let us know if you have any issue still with the additions of this update.