Stapleton County Fire Department - Recruitment


The Stapleton County Fire Department

The only main Fire Department in the entire County of Stapleton.

The Stapleton County Fire Department is tasked with keeping the citizens of Firestone safe. The department will respond to all medical calls, fire calls, motor vehicle accidents, and distress calls. The department is trained to be the best we can be in our field, and we know we set the standard for the departments around us.

You’ll have access to 2/3’s of the Emergency Services (Fire/EMS) vs a normal LE service.

Medical roleplay imitates real-life medical operations including basic medical treatment and advanced medical treatment. Basic is basic, but advanced is advanced.

Fire operations have a basic overview of real-life firefighting including overhaul, ventilation, and the Incident Command system along with search & rescue tactics among other tactics.

Do you wish to learn more about the Stapleton County Fire Department? Check out our rules and regulations which also has another guide on joining the SCFD by clicking here.

Do you have an interest in taking the Application to join the SCFD? Take it here:

Please note that applications are not open 24/7 and are only open a select amount of days every month / two months.

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