SRT Braking/Reversing Issues

The Problem:

  1. Whenever moving at a slow speed or sometimes at high speeds, pressing S results in reverse lights coming on and reversing (sometimes not, sometimes yes). (the current system where you can press S and stop is very good, but it sometimes doesn’t work)
  2. Reversing is much too fast and the speed is limited to too high a speed

Expected Result:

  1. Whenever moving at any speed, pressins S results in braking and coming to a full stop - when you then release S and press S again it should reverse.
  2. Should be limited to 20 SPS in my opinion, acceleration toned down.

PS: This morning v3 cars were literally completely inoperable. For some reason now, they work absolutely wonderfully except these two issues and a slight sensitivity in steering + collision glitches. Unsure if it’s luck, server size, or an update was passed.


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