Sprxngviibes for City Council of Redwood

Hello citizens of Redwood,

My name is sprxngviibes, and I am currently running for City Council for the City of Redwood. I have been in the State of Firestone for about a year now so I know how we operate here. However, I know what you citizens like, and dislike. I am really striving to help you guys out and make this a better city. However I don’t have experience within elections, I know how they work. I think that you guys should give me a chance to gain my experience so that I can get better here. I hope that I can help you guys out to the best of my ability and do what you, the citizens like for this city. Currently, we have been choosing popularity over ability.

My resume;

Former Department of Public Works; Trainee

Current Peace Officer Standards & Training; Cadet

Current Department of Health RN Student; Trainee

Current Firestone Police Explorers; Probationary Explorer

My plans;

I will host events for the public to attend once in a while.

I will take ideas from you guys and consider them.

I will pass bills only if they’re truly good, I think that is a big issue.

I plan to make a good difference within the state because I can see that lots of people have been complaining over corruption and I will be here to help fix that issue.

I will work with the Mayor to help them expand their ideas and make them come true within the city.

I will show transparency and work my best with what we have here


As you can see, I have a lot of experience within this state. I am willing to do what you guys want. I am here to gain experience and make it so that you guys are liking the city better than it already is. I am not like one of those people who say things when they’re campaigning, I am one of those people who commit to what they say whilst they’re campaigning. As you can see, I have a lot of reasons why you should support me.


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I support!

I don’t see any plans,

No support.

thank you, that’ll help me improve a lot

How do you expect to host events? What kind of events/

Rallies and such.

But how do you expect to host them

Where I can find places that are available to the public. Such as Hillview Pier.



Hillview pier is in Hillview, not Redwood.

Listing examples such as public places

… public places that would not be in your jurisdiction.

Alright, community pool parking lot.


I support


I support

Election over.