Sponsor DonxId in the Grand Opening Fighting Match


The following companies are sponsoring me:

  • Iconic Association
  • A Sushi company owned by Ace
  • Blud HQ
  • Pidgeon Kebabs
  • Hot Bloxton

One company is paying me 400 Robux to be my sponsor and the other is paying me 30K FSD. The demand is high folks, and if you want to be advertised by the best, you gotta be the best.

Please DM DonxId or his accountant @Bjohn323 if you are interested in sponsoring. All proceeds will go towards the DonxId Fund owned by Blud LLC.

DISCLAIMER: I have absolutely ZERO fighting experience, so I have no clue why these people are sponsoring me, but if you wanna be cool and get shouted out, contact me with your highest bid and I will appreciate you. I will have a sexy shirt on the day of fighting with your company logo mashed with like 100 other logos.

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The Governor has just declared that her office WILL BE a sponsor

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