Speed Suggestion for Bikes

I’m assuming many of us know that bicycles are vehicles that are powered by our mere human power. This means that the bike can go at different speeds due to how much force the person on the bike exerts on the pedals. My suggestion would be to implement a similar feature to bikes as running. When a person presses shift they lose stamina but as a result their walk/running speed increases.
So, why not add something similar to bikes in FS? When a person is riding their bike they are going at the base speed of their bike. But if they wish to go faster they could “pedal faster” and press shift, which would make them lose stamina but increase their bike’s speed by 2-5 sps until they press shift or run out of stamina.


if I run every day, I will have higher stamina. I want the founders to increase stamina for every person independently depending on how often they run


Not bad ideas tbf


that is a v3 feature lol (its just capped)

in a way anyway, with a treadmill.


what about higher duration of that stamina too

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