Some of y'all and your high egos

sup, i’m not writing this to call out any specific individual out.

Fed made a new announcement about new radio channels and giving all of FSP access to ESU. (For those who don’t know, DHS is going bye bye nov 30 and FSP has a new division called "ESU which will do protection)

After this, a few individuals who are in DHS, SWAT, and other HiGh LeVeL departments were talking about “Why does all FSP officers have access to ESU channel is not safe” or “this is dumb”.

It’s clear their intention is that they have issues with normal FSP officers having access to stuff. Not just FSP, some of these people think any normal officer in SCSO or FSP is extremely dumb because those officers are not in a “high level department”. (it has always been like this)

I just want to be straight up honest with some of y’all who have high egos because you are SWAT, DHS, FBI, FNG or whatever. You guys are legit not some high level skilled intelligent badass bitches you think you are. Take your automatics and flashbangs away you are nothing. You will just be normal LEOs. Sometimes you guys fail to do your “HIGH LEVEL JOBS” too.

Like seriously, anyone can do your job if they have ur tools… you legit just show up to a hostage call, take your automatics out, talk to the taker for 3-5 minutes then throw a tear or gas and then move in. Like bro, thats not something that skilled or complicated…

So stop thinking your highly skilled shit.


They think just because they wrote an essay to get into a roblox police department they are more important then someone who just wrote some short answers to get into a roblox police department




nobody in FSP thinks like that


thank you for saying this. im sure many (yet again) knew this but no one had the balls to publicly address it


fr, like anyone could get an automatic and kill any criminal in sight. you arent special just because you get to spray criminals with bullets…


the existence of these teams really detracts the experience from a hostage rp when, after talking to you for 3 minutes, they just absolutely rush you no remorse with game breaking tools1

it’s really fucking annoying, and honestly game breaking

so yes: fuck you


well said, phillip speaks nothing but the truth


thx for brining our attention to this


spittin absolute facts


Philip, always your trusted and unbiased news source!! Spitting facts for both sides of the game!


Omg I feel so loved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


i killed 32 innocent civilians to pass dhs entrance exams, i am simply better than all of you



Sheesh Philip went all OUT




It’s no longer a bragging right to be in a tactical team because they’ve all gone down the shitter, whether this is skill or new hires, especially CRT.

Back then being a member of those teams especially when they were small was to die for. Having that bond and family-like setting to outperform other teams and represent yours is something I would do anything to do again.

Then again there were and are people who shove their weapon-welding ego in others’ faces, I wasn’t like this for the most part unless you were a genuine dick.

This is true for sure.

Leakers, hidden rouges and compromises working with criminals or gangs continue to exist, securing CPTL was already difficult enough now imagine the entirety of the department having access.

If you said this about two years ago you’d be getting flamed to hell but nowadays most of the teams are shit so you’re not entirely wrong. About the ‘anyone can do your job if they have your tools’ is a little bit funny because surprisingly it takes a bit of skill to master the angle and distance with grenades.

But yeah I understand your point and tactical team egos have always been an issue but that doesn’t remove that there are still good members who encourage others to roleplay with criminals. But this isn’t one-sided either some criminals are just as bad with roleplay and faking shit.


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