Similar Roleplaying Games

Does anyone know any similar roleplaying games that are similar to Firestone that isn’t Roblox based?

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Yeah join any GTA V FiveM public roleplay server that has “STRICT ROLEPLAY” in their server title. You’ll find a similar level of roleplay and FRP to that of Firestone.


FiveM, I am in a decent server if u wanna join.

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Do they still have a strong government system or is it just realistic police / emergency services?

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Oh yeah, I know a group you would like. It has everything ROBLOX State of …


no government isn’t anything in public FiveM (you can RP as like a mayor or politician tho) and is solely emergency services based with a focus on cops v robbers (so pretty much exactly like firestone)

except you can be screamed at in vc as well as text chat and they can be much ruder to you, what’s not to like


I was wondering if there were any communities that have an actual self government (like our judicial, legislative, and executive branches)

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Police and emergency, maybe see if any Arma RP servers fit your needs?

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There’s big servers that have some government but they’re hard to get into and cost miney

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