Should it be FRP if a person kidnap's you while hosting a Department/Government event?

So I have a question for the community, Should it be FRP if you hosting like a meet and greet or any type of event and someone walks in and kidnaps you? In my mind it should be because in real life I don’t think you would walk in to a event in broad day light and kidnap a person, But that’s my opinion let me know what you think in the comments, If you dont have a forums account DM me on discord @Aegis M.#0258

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-kidnaps you-

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If I was host a meet and greet and a criminal came and kidnapped me intront of 15 people, Do you think that should be FRP.

i mean… no…

If your hosting an event wouldn’t you ask a LEO for security in advance…?


Also, mr arborfield alderman, I understand you got kidnapped, but like, maybe don’t do it in as populated areas, I.e. redwood? Especially with no LEGO in advance, right next to CD…?

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this is why you dont consent to being kidnapped

FearRP was made a choice I believe, if you believe that you’re currently doing something important you should deny FearRP. If you were just sitting at CD doing nothing then you should accept FearRP.

Just don’t consent to being kidnapped

Btw I’m not a aldermen, Thanks for the suggestion tho.

FearRP only apply a to people in departments apparently

It’s considered FRP if you don’t I believe

I believe it’s FRP if u don’t

no… why would it be frp


If someone decides to kidnap you, and you don’t roleplay the kidnapping, it is not FRP.


alderman, councilman, same thing

why would it be frp if you don’t wanna roleplay being kidnapped that’s kind of stupid if you think about it

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