Should I be unbanned from the State of Firestone?

Hello Citizens and Law Enforcement Agencies of Firestone,

Some of you guys may know or may not know me, but i’ll give you guys a brief overview about myself.

Im speirs, Former SCSO Deputy, Former SCSO SWAT Operative, and Former FSP Trooper, along with Former ASU Pilot.
I graduated under class 24 of POST, ahh the good times. I’ve been in SCSO two times and FSP two times as well. I’ve greatly served under both departments, but later quit for crime, I know I know bad move.

I started doing crime Middle-2018, and made some bad decisions, I started logging and breaching all the Rules set and provided for this game. I just want your guys public decision, Should I be unbanned from Stapleton County? or should I remain banned from the game.

(p.s I applied for a ban appeal, but im not sure how that went, Env please let me know.)


I’m suprised your forum account isn’t banned

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Who are you

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who are you

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I remember you logging from me before. :thinking:


but will u stop tho. u havent said anything about stopping so ye.

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Go appeal.

You can track appeals here:

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