Sharkfish82 & AestheticallyHappy: Taking Action

Sharkfish82 & AestheticallyHappy for Governor & Lieutenant Governor

Taking Action


Getting to know the Candidates

Governor Candidate Sharkfish82

Former Governor Sharkfish82 has been with the State of Firestone since December of 2017. Since joining, he has had the opportunity to partake in a multitude of Departments where he currently is serving in the Firestone National Guard. Throughout his tenure, he has had the opportunity to serve as Governor, Lieutenant Governor under 3 Administrations, and be a Senator for over 6 terms. His leadership has been one that many citizens look up to and many admire.

Former and Notable Positions

  • 1x Governor of the State of Firestone

  • 3x Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone

  • 6x Senator of the Firestone Senate

  • 1x President Pro Tempore of the Firestone Senate

  • x1 Speaker of the House of Representatives of the State of Firestone

  • x2 Representative of the House of Representatives of the State of Firestone

Awards and Achievements

  • Governors Medal of Excellence

Lieutenant Governor Candidate AestheticallyHappy

Former Governor AestheticallyHappy has been with the State of Firestone since October of 2018. Upon joining the State, he has had the opportunity to serve in a multitude of Departments and positions that gave him the opportunity to be a leader, a public servant, and impact the State in a positive manner. As Governor, he ensured businesses were supported and funding. In each position AestheticallyHappy has held, he has ensured things got done.

Former and Notable Positions

  • Former Governor (29th)

  • Former Chief of Staff to the Governor (DyingSym)

  • Former County Executive (14th)

  • Current State Senator (JadeRigs)

  • Former State Senator (Ash1835)

  • Former County Chairman (dangerzone1111)

  • Former County Councilman (dangerzone1111)

  • Former Prominence District Chairman (iiVortex)

  • Current Redwood Police Department Administration Services Lieutenant

  • Former Stapleton County Fire Department Deputy Chief

  • Former County Chief of Staff (69superman)

  • Former County Deputy Chief of Staff (Dauntfulness)

  • Former DPS Investigator

  • Former POST Instructor

  • Former FFA Training Officer

  • Former DOS Employee

  • Former FDOT Employee

Awards and Achievements

  • Firestone Medal of Freedom Recipient

  • Firestone National Guard Medal for Valor Recipient


The Executive Branch

During our term, we are planning to work with the new cabinet members in ensuring they are properly fulfilling their respective duties. We are also planning to work with the entire cabinet in ensuring each Department is operating properly and in a manner that is sufficient to the State. We have heard of all the issues going on with some specific departments and plan to address those concerns, ensure they are resolved, and hopefully continue improving departments.

Business Support

With Lieutenant Governor AestheticallyHappy being the founding father of the Business Funding Committee, we are planning to keep this Committee to give Businesses constant funding and support in terms of money. We have seen how well the Committee works under both his administration and the current administration. With knowing this, we want the businesses to continue being supported and able to pay their employees.

We also are planning to continue the Business and Department Spotlight to show our support for all businesses and departments within the State of Firestone.

Foreign Relations and Conflicts

Foreign Relations and Conflicts is at an all-time high within the State of Firestone. With several wars happening in the recent months, it is important to have a clear understanding of how to prevent this in the future and discuss whether or not there are measures that can be done to better resolve the conflicts. We plan to work with those whom we have had recent conflicts with to completely resolve the conflict that has happened and hopefully, prevent a future war.

As Governor and Lieutenant Governor, we also plan to work with our current relations to build on what we have and continue showing our support for them throughout their time in need.

Criminal Rehabilitation

The Current Administration has begun working with the Attorney General and Criminal Rehabilitation Board to redo the Criminal Rehabilitation Program. For this program, we want to work with the Attorney General, BREC, and Departments to continue adding in more ways for Criminal Rehabilitation to be completed, much like the current administration is doing. We are planning to work with the Departments to find ways for them to act more one-on-one with them, get employed, and even find more departments willing to offer community service program services.

We plan to also work to re-do how the Program is done such as by reinvigorating the regulations that one must complete to complete the program, through work with the current BREC Administration, and find a smoother completion process for those partaking in it.

Community Engagement

In the State, community engagement is something that everyone looks forward to and wishes for. As Governor and Lieutenant Governor, we will be working to keep the current status quo in having monthly events, several at that, to keep the State engaging and to enhance the ability for citizens to bond with one another and the State. These events will be ranging from:

  • Events with Businesses

  • Events with each Department

  • Events to allow the Public to interact personally with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor

  • Discord Events such as Gamenights

  • and more…

Closing Statements

Sharkfish82 and AestheticallyHappy would like to thank everyone for their support. We hope to be your next Governor and Lieutenant Governor and take action, fix what must be, and continue improving the State day in and day out.

See you at the voting place!


Shark is my worst Deputy Mayor and Aes is the worst Senator. Therefore, I give them my full support!


How do you plan to do this. I know you’re really against foreign affairs which may be seen as a problem right now when diplomacy is the most important option to wars.

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Okay so I see a lot of we plan to continue this, we plan to continue that, really basing everything off of Chloe’s work. Are there any new things you plan to implement if you’re elected into office?

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Support, best of the three currently declared candidates. Activity is going to be a concern for me, but they have the executive experience, legislative experience, legislative record, and more important, character.

I’ve disagreed with both candidates multiple times throughout my years here, but there’s one thing that is worthy of recognizing, consistency. If they believe they are right (even when being targeted for it), they’ll stick by their decision or opinion, not flip flop for whatever yields them the best results.

A Governor and Lieutenant Governor that I may disagree with is significantly better than a Governor and Lieutenant Governor without character, experience, and are “fake”.

I’d like to note this is NOT a dig at any current or prospective candidates.


What exactly do you mean by this?

Probably because there’s like 5 new cabinet members

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I support, very competent and experienced members of the state whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout my tenure in government.

Un question, what are those specific concerns with the departments that you intend to address? There is quite an abundance, but it would be nice to know what you guys intend to try to fix/address if possible.


On the basis of Noob and his three pronged questions, I shall answer such henceforth:

Firstly, foreign policy is exactly what it is. As much as I will maintain relations with the current ties we currently have, I can’t always care as much as to the adversaries that although feed up momentary action for our members within the state, we must let them die out with their absurdity eventually and not feed them to be further pests to the overall prosperity to the state. Furthermore, relative reasonability to the aid we provide as well is necessary as I do wholeheartedly believe we should not commit more than we can chew at points or where it isn’t exactly desirable in our favor.

Secondly, of course I will to remain to stick to quite a bit of the programs currently provided under chloe’s administration because they work efficiently. Don’t see much of a problem to continue the framework set forth as well as work with her to develop them further under mine and Aes’s vision no? Furthermore, delegation of duties mainly emplaced to the state at the moment will be actively pushed to lower levels for increased autonomy during our stint. Primarily, I see property and the authority of said property to be a main sticking point in the current moment. I have already set this process going with my previous acts of past including the CCC and other efforts and I don’t really see an issue in continuing this trend moving forward with other products as well.

Finally, you ain’t stupid noob. We have new cabinet ministers left and right for various environmental circumstance and we will continue to have more as there are various other intending as well that I have heard through the water spout. Overseeing the further appointment and flourishing of these future and new blood leaders is a crucial part that is a primary reason why our state continues to succeed more than 7 years and running. I ain’t a rookie to long term appointments who last, a great example being our lovely judicial officials and so forth and your questioning toward this seems a bit misfound. Me and Aes aren’t stupid and we are quite clear in our policy and outlook and will be such as appropriate with the associates we work with and proceed to nominate as well

cc: @Noobsiance

Anything you plan to introduce to the Executive Branch? Like a new office or new system??? (That’s what I meant in my original question)

Also little question for Aes. Following your impeachment from Governor, do you plan on doing anything different if you’re elected in order to prevent another big controversy?

How do you respond to the concerns about your activity? As for Aes, are you concerned about his controversial past/electability in light of the impeachment?

Do you have any substantive plans to “better resolve [foreign] conflicts”? Do you take issue with current foreign policy?

Moreso combatting the issue of condescending of legitimate authority that I have been made aware of from time to time again, some being specific instances and others being a continuous trend. Although I don’t really plan to devulge too heavily without legitimate conversation when actually in position, the administration would not tolerate undermining authority and will be swiftly dealt with with appropriate action. Otherwise as I said, fostering of these new cabinet ministers will be quite crucial moving forward for continuous success

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I will once again create a combined pronged answer to both commenters.

To noob, I don’t really see why I must commit to establishment of further offices and system without looking at the situation present as I haven’t been in the office for about a year and different times involve different issues. Furthermore, I don’t intend to add to bureaucracy or commit to further bureaucracy without legitimate reason.

To silver, tis the commitment of military service and college. It is a delicate balance that I make work and it obviously is still manageable as I still hold office no? Furthermore, I have already made comment on my foreign outlook and kindly refer you to my previous reply regarding it than repeating the same substantive question in different wording.

It is quite ironic though that I am having two staffers involved with the Kam and Vortex campaign being quite hypocritical of this present campaign when similar substance can be question regarding the ones they support and any obviously currently running. I admire their persistence to be inquisitive and encourage this for other campaigns as we all deserve to have a political process that is progressive to the future of our state regardless of candidacy.

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Yes I will be questioning other campaigns. I am asking these questions on my behalf not the Kam and Vortex Campaign.

My questions for danger were already touched by others and he has responded as well.

mid & mid

why you both dressed like elvis presley in that GFX

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