Senate Resolution to Expel Senator Automationeer


SECTION 1: Senator Automationeer shall be expelled from the Firestone Senate.

SECTION 2: Senator Automationeer shall be defined as : (1) Profile - Roblox

SECTION 3: The reasons for the expulsion will be posted below.

SECTION 3A: Senator Automationeer showed extreme disregard to any call of duty to serve as a Legislator by abhorrently, and blatant obstructing our Congress, the Senator’s actions are inexcusable. The reasoning shall be misconduct, and ineptitude. The Senator easily 5 times motioned to override, or made other motions to reconsider on motions that also failed several times. It is obvious that the Senator joined the Senate as a pure joke, from accusing other Senators of being Communist for not voting on their bill, to making the chamber look like a joke, satire behavior cannot be accepted amongst anyone in Congress, especially in the chamber.

SECTION 3B: Evidence will be listed below ;

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

SECTION 4: This expulsion shall be executed, and enforced by the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone.

SECTION 5: This expulsion shall go into immediate effect upon passing the Firestone Senate.

Respectfully submitted to the Firestone State Senate,

Chief Sponsor :

Senator DiazEdmundo

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