SCMC Safezone

Now, I’m not employed in SCMC or whatever, but as an LEO, I tend to see this more frequently.

A couple days ago, the Stapleton County Medical Center was actually doing a roleplay at the hospital. I arrived on scene of a 911 call made by one of the doctors, and upon me getting ready to leave, shots were fired and a doctor was killed. This happens quite too often, and it significantly decreases the amount of roleplay you see at the hospital, or even decreases the amount of doctors you see actually ingame.

I think, to solve this, we can potentially make SCMC a safezone. I feel it would boost roleplay in the medical center, and also have the SCMC Staff online more frequently.

That’s all, thanks for reading.


I would say no to having a permanent safezone at SCMC, but a toggleable one by game moderators or DOH. some LEOs and civilians stated that if DOH had the toggle, it could be abused by LEOs to keep it on permanently so that no situations are done in the hospital, even though the hospital is one of the best spots for situations due to the number of rooms, more open space and really, the only large building that we’re able to enter and do stuff in


oh didnt even see that. but who would be able to toggle it?


Path once offered Congress if they wanted to do sessions in game, for safezone to be enabled which game moderators would be able to toggle it on/off when requested to, so I would think it would also be toggleable for SCMC or any other area needed


maybe senior officials in a department could be given the ability to toggle the safezone

e.g. a congress PO with the option to toggle capitol safemode, or a DoH department official being able to toggle SCMC safemode.

idk how the safemode system works from a technical or user standpoint, but if this was possible it’d be cool.


I think it’d be a command we would run such as “safezone cap” or “safezone scmc”


if thats the case, i’m guessing it could probably be made possible to be used by game mods as well as select officials.


Taking everything into consideration, I’ve made SCMC a toggled safezone. If there are no Department of Health Employees on duty, there will be no safezone. However, should there be one, the safezone will be activated and weapons will no longer be able to be used.


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