SCFD suggestions and some other ideas

I have quite a few suggestions for both SCFD and other ideas that could be implemented into multiple departments.

Interchangeable sirens:
If you’ve ever played Garry’s Mod and used the Photon lighting engine mod, many cars will have (when holding down c) the option to change your sirens in real time and even have secondary sirens (Not necessary but optional). It might or might not be hard to code into roblox, i don’t know that, but what i do know is that you can do a lot with code.

More variety in SCFD rigs:
SCFD’s rigs are good as they are, but a neat feature would be multiple variants of say for exmaple, “Ladder 1” or “Engine 1” in terms of older style seagrave with newer style Pierce engines if you get the idea. A good example of this would be FDNY and their stock of old and new rigs they use everyday.

More siren variant for SCFD rigs:
SCFD’s sirens are good, but it would be neat to see addition siren types (Say for example a engine has a CODE 3 while a ladder truck has a Whelen and the ambulance has Federal Signal, etc.) And if the first idea (Interchangeable sirens) were to be a real thing and work, this could be a nice thing to go along with it. Either way, with or without the interchangeable sirens, it would still be neat to see some trucks have different sirens from others. Not to mention that if my other idea (More variety in SCFD rigs) were to also become a thing, then that would work as well. With or without the more variety in SCFD rigs, it would still be nice to see different sirens in different rigs. Good examples of siren variants would be any major city with old and new rigs, the best example being FDNY.

More variety in engine sound:
For SCFD rigs and other vehicles, it would be interesting to hear different engine sounds within each truck or vehicle. As with most fire trucks they will come equipped with a diesel such as Cummins and Detroit Diesel.

Different lightbars on SCFD rigs:
As with many departments, old and new rigs will have say either halogen or LED lightbars, it would be neat if some lightbars were LED with halogen back lights or just full LED or halogen.

Again these are just ideas of mine and it would be neat to hear what you guys think of it in the comments.


FD trucks have more (and better) sirens than any other vehicles in the game. You can change your sirens real time. You can also have dual tones playing at once, in addition to the mechanical siren.

It’s commonly admired to have a consistent fleet of new trucks.

I would love to have more realistic engine sounds for all of the cars but we don’t have the resources (aka a sound engineer).

What kind of lightbars do you think they have? Are we talking about the same trucks here???

(please explain in a response because this didn’t make much sense)


I’m going to have to concur with @mrfergie on this one, please Elaborate.

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@mrfergie im not really a sound engineer but i do a lot of cinematography so i know my way around a microphone, so i would be able to record like vehicle sounds and stuff

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@mrfergie When i say changeable sirens, im talking about the siren tones (Say the wail, yelp, prty, etc. are Federal signal, you can change those wails to say a Code 3, Whelen, etc. That’s my idea for it. I get what you’re saying by changeable tones, and what im saying is being able to change the tones out entirely for a different siren model’s tones or a different siren manufacturer’s tones. if that makes any sense (If you have ever played GMOD and used the photon mod you’ll sort of get what im talking about by that). Ill post a screenshot of a gmod photon vehicle (aka a link to my steam screenshots) so it makes a bit more sense. Ill also show screenshots of what i mean by changeable lightbars and stuff.

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Here are the links to all 3 screenshots @mrfergie

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The Stapleton County Fire Department is a fantastic and deserves whatever benefits we can offer. They are consistency trying their best when the developers are not giving the Fire Department what is necessary.


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