SCFD | Firefighter- and EMT of the Year awards


SCFD Firefighter- and EMT of the Year of 2023 awards

The Stapleton County Fire Department will be issuing its Firefighter- and EMT of Year awards by the turn of the year, and we’d like the public to chime in on who you believe is deserving of the awards.

The following personnel have been nominated forth by Department Command and the Office of the Fire Chief,

Firefighter of the Year of 2023

  • Baloke10
    Engine Co. 11 Senior Firefighter
  • Nick8766541
    Engine Co. 11 Firefighter,
  • purn8r
    Engine Co. 11 Firefighter
  • neu_trooper
    Engine Co. 35 Rescue Technician and Fire-Medic
  • FirefighterBoris
    Engine Co. 35 Firefighter
  • Bballty
    Tower Co. 23 Fire-Medic
    Rescue Co. 1 Rescue Technician and Fire-Medic
  • BlackMrCow23
    Rescue Co. 1 Rescue Operations Officer and Fire-Medic
  • catsarecool123459
    Engine Co. 11 Lieutenant
  • PvPParasite
    Engine Co. 35 Lieutenant and HAZMAT Technician
    Tower Co. 23 Lieutenant
  • Foxtrotgaming579
    Rescue Co. 1, Rescue Lieutenant
  • Jersey_Operators
    Field Operations Captain and Rescue Technician
  • NaydenVeteran
    Training Division Captain
  • cardsure
    Assistant Fire Chief
  • robloxskateboarddude
    Deputy Fire Chief

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EMT of the Year of 2023

  • SystemDotCool_rblx
    Medic Co. 73 Senior Critical Care Paramedic
  • VigilantSong
    Medic Co. 73 Fire-Medic
  • ConnorRhodesMD
    Medic Co. 73 HAZMAT Technician and Fire-Medic
  • Soiandiis
    Medic Co. 78 Fire-Medic
  • DOJODOG_2004
    Medic Co. 78 Fire-Medic
  • Dr0xy
    Medic Co. 78 Senior Critical Care Fire-Medic
  • CaptTiger
    Medic Co. 73 Paramedic in Charge
    Medic Co. 78 Paramedic in Charge
  • fbiagentabc
    Chief Paramedic

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Voting will remain open until 2023-12-29T22:00:00Z

Thank you for your participation in advance!

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fbiagentabc for all awards


pooper neu

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i personally think aestheticallyhappy

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