Rubyassassin0 For House!


Greetings, everyone! My name is Rubyassassin0, people call me Ruby. I am officially running for the House of Representatives. I hope you people have my support.

Why I Am Running
I want to run for the House of Representatives because I want to represent the people of Firestone. The Citizen’s voices are the first priority to make this state great. I want to be able to hear your guy’s voices and represent you guys in order to improve this state. I’ll hear your suggestions, and try to implement them into Firestone. I have many plans and I wish to propose many bills and regulations. I’ve always been looking for a way and thinking “How can I make Firestone better” So I figured, how about I run for House?

My Experience
-District of Prominence Councilman
-President of the United States
-Governor of the State of Torrance
-President Pro Tempore of the United States
-Lt. Governor of the State of Jefferson


Thank you all for reading my short speech, and I hope you all have my support! If you’d like to contact me on discord, here it is, Russell Wilson#7641. Thank you all, and have a good day/ night!

For The Future- Rubyassassin0

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what is your opinion on what max jail time should be?

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That’s a good question. Y’know, I don’t think that many criminals are getting the discipline they need. What is it, 10-15 minutes for murder? That’s nothing! Really, it matters what you guys think the jail time should be. And I do believe we should increase it.

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aight so

  1. Which United States? I’ve never heard of you at all

  2. Jefferson and Torrance aren’t anything

  3. Last time I saw you you exposed Xander and asked him to make you Deputy Mayor so you could become mayor. That’s not how it works

Increasing the max time isn’t gonna work btw

no support

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You do realize that this is a virtual game simulating a real life state. The criminals commiting the crimes are essential to the RP in this state. Think about it, the criminals are commiting crimes for LEO RP, DOC RP, and the courts too. And also, criminals are most definitely not getting 10-15 minutes for murder, they’re getting hours.


i meant the max sentence by the courts (rn is 24 hours)

My understand that the municipalities are “Inactive” but when legislation Was proposed you failed to maintain activity. Activity is key when being in this type of position Ruby and truly I don’t see you being able to maintain activity in house if you could barely do it in voluntary position. So therefore No support.


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