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So I’ve been thinking recently about those big roleplay patrols we used to have last year and in 2019. I was thinking about maybe trying to set one up again. So my question is, should I set one up. Would people attend?

For those of you who are unaware, this is a patrol using a separate discord server involving the use of a CAD and dispatch. All events in the server are roleplay instead of the normal stuff that happens in Stapleton.

If you have any comments please let me know.

Make a roleplay patrol?
  • Yes
  • No

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we just had this recently, it was called whitelistRP. We used the website thing and contact vcs. I personally enjoyed them

Env shut them down though I believe for the time being


We had whitelistRP which was (obviously) a whitelisted RP server. We had legal people with crime alts, we did voice chat RP, we had an entire CAD/MDT system. It was great. Not sure why env shut it down but it was great while it lasted.


Personally I love this idea, I was apart of the Whitelist RP servers and those were a ton of fun. Mainly due to the fact that even crims known for constant shootings drove legally. The RP on it was a lot better with no one FRPing and roleplaying aspects out.

What I found most interesting was that some laws that aren’t in Firestone were being enforced in the whitelist server. For example, Scribs was arrested for “Posession of Drug Paraphernalia” by FBI (through an investigation all RP of course)


I was never given the chance to participate with the whitelistRP deal so this wold be a neat opportunity for me any those interested.


not sure how a non-founder-supported rp patrol would work tho

just bring back whitelistrp


there could always be a server opened that can be joined using a command similar to the whitelist rp that would allow department affiliates, government people, or whoever has an actual position within Firestone to join and do more in depth rp, could also only open when a game mod was in?

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The reason that whitelist rp server was ended was because of little participation.

  • Those who were whitelisted ended up being allowed to have crime alt accounts, which literally eliminated almost all the active whitelisted LEO’s and “legal” members.

  • School started back up so it also killed off a lot of the members because schedules became busy.

  • Schedules were busy even when school wasn’t in session sometimes on the scheduled days.

there should be a system if it were to be started back up where people have to sign up beforehand to say they’re attending then the person hosting could work out the CIV-LEO ratio and they can assign people or let people step up to be LE for the SSU to keep that balance.

ah hah ha thank u very much :sunglasses:

jokes aside this is a fun idea, especially for those who haven’t/can’t get accepted into the whitelist server. i poured my heart and soul into these events and would 11/10 do it again if it meant ppl were gonna have fun playing v2

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he’s referring to a different one back in 2019 :sunglasses:

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yes ur events are what inspired this idea, not the whitelisted rp servers


nah if anything I’m pretty sure it’s because of the imbalance (LEO to civ/crim balance), there were like 10-15 LEOs on at one time while having fewer civs/criminals on last time the whitelist was open, making the gameplay dry after an hour or so (when people start getting arrested & leaving)
(but also lack of motivation to keep it going)

People that used criminal alts didn’t really know any locations of where the dealers were and had to play w/ criminals in order to go anywhere or do anything, I didn’t really see any LEOs using crime alts except for like under 5 & it was on the last whitelistRP server (since iirc that’s when they were finally added/allowed)

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