Rogue as a Bannable Offence/Ban request

I’m not sure if this is in place already, since I saw the lack of a ban in the latest rogue LEO but;

I believe going rogue on a Law Enforcement team should be a bannable offence. Going rogue usually involves a mass spamming of radio, abuse of cuffs, and mass shootings on team. These situations require a lot of manpower to contain, if there are no admins around to help. Online law enforcement officers would need to track down the rogue and somehow capture them before they either kill or false arrest you. Back in SC V1, going rogue would instantly result in a ban, and sometimes even permanently.

Article A - “LEOs” banned for going rouge:

Note that many of these rogues were later appealed or their bans expired.

Now, for the problem itself. I believe Bedfold, the most recent rogue, should be punished for his mischief in V2, just like rogues of the past. It would not be fair if he were to be let off scotch free while the other rogues received 6 months or even up to a permanent ban. The banning of him will also serve as an example for other possible rogues that it is not tolerated and would lead to consequences.

Article B - Bedfold:

The incident was on 1/14/2017

Now I don’t care if the ban is for 6 months or permanent. I just want an example to be set and punishments to be handed out for those who decided to cause such mischief in the community like this.


Nah. Just a warrant is fine.

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Agree. You don’t hear of rogue cops in real life often if at all. Just plain fail rp.

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Going rogue, I do not see a need for ban, however the false arrests add work for work and really obstruct the community, which should ultimately result in ban.

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Going rogue should only be banned if you abuse the cuffs (as that is on a record) or maybe spamming radio as that is your communication.

But if you mass kill and what not, that can happen (rarely) you shouldn’t be banned; yes you should be DPS blacklisted, POST blacklisted, and trialed in court.

Spamming radio shouldn’t be bannable.

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I said maybe, but it can rather be annoying spamming distress signals on channels, etc while you’re going rogue.

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the warrant was for evasion and 2nd degree murder

not sufficient punishment for the damage he caused in the community


Player has been banned from all Firestone games.

Thanks for your report!