Business Information

Who are we?

We’re a company that provides safe and secure transportation of valuable assets. Security Officers are trained to securely transport valuables to wherever needed. We hold contracts with business owners and department heads to safely transport their valuables to wherever they need them!

How can I apply?

Firstly, do you meet our application requirements?

  • Either a valid CFL or POST Certification.
  • No arrests.
  • Maximum of 3 citations.
  • Not blacklisted.
  • Common sense.
  • Available to put forth time towards Robrick’s.

If so, applications remain open permanently and you can apply today!

Application Form:


Can I have a contract with Robrick's?

You sure can! If you’d like to talk about a potential contract with us, join our discord server as linked below and open a ticket in the contact-us channel.

Business Links

Group Link: Robrick's - Roblox
Discord server: Robrick's
Business Permit: Trello
Business Record: Trello
Land Permit: Trello


Bro acts like his criminal record doesn’t put him on the no hire list


whats the point of paying for the transportation fee and firearms if its all rp

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What’s the point of RP?


we shouldnt have to pay to be able to access the services. If it brought businesses some kind of purpose to paying other than having a truck come by, then i’d understand.
For example, buying food items from a store gives both the seller and buyer a benefit (seller gets ~10 FSD and buyer gets stamina), which gives the purpose of buying it.

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Half our businesses started without developer support and worked via the use of roleplay. In fact, lots of them still to this day do. Our employee firearms cost 800 (say they were using a CBJ), imagine we had a truck full of 4 that’s 3600 FSD just for staff guns. Asking for 300 or even 500 FSD is not much at all. We’re a roleplay community and they’re playing for a roleplay service where they get our security officers show up armed to complete their job.

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He’s on a no-hire list for quite a few businesses purely just because of his personality

Ask fed to give you guns for your business. You already have dev support with the trucks.


I believe they have employees to pay, so they need revenue.

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He’s said no, wouldn’t be fair on other businesses tbh.


what, do you think every food business has dev support?

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RoBricks is equivalent to FNN and other companies, it is created and owned by Fed

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