Roboxzaxar for Senate | Bring Back Greatness To Firestone

Good evening citizens of Firestone,

My name is roboxzaxar; I joined Firestone in 2019, but I think most of you might not recognize me.
I graduated POST Class 48 and then went on to DOC, and then later SCSO. Around that time, I also served some time in the Firestone House of Representatives.

After that, I took a pretty long break from Firestone, and as of now I am a Recruit in APD.

I decided to run so the people of Firestone have a Senator they can rely on. I think my experience can give new ideas and perspectives in the Senate. Everyone would benefit from having a reliable Senator. My passion for this fuels it even more.

I also support every citizen and business in Firestone, because they have rights and I support keeping freedom in this state.

I want to hold all people accountable for their actions, even State Officials.
I want to create bills that will help Firestone achieve it’s potential.
It’s important to consider the opinions of the citizens and hear them out, and I will be a reliable person for doing just that.

Let’s bring back greatness to Firestone together.
Thank you.

If you have any questions or concerns you are free to DM me.


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i dont see political experience

house of representatives

Poe_DameronTR supports.


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klajdawesome123 supports.


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Support from drkevinomui

Voting has opened: Senate General Elections April 2024-2 Voting