Robbable Robrick's Trucks Suggestion

So, there has been one prominent question that the security officers at Robricks encounter daily, that being “Is the truck robbable”. The answer to that is no, however that should change.

Robbable trucks would increase opportunities for criminals, both organised and chaotic, as well as provide a more challenging atmosphere for the Robricks operators. Additionally it would lead to more opportunities for state units, especially FBI, to periodically follow the trucks to discourage or catch criminals attempting to rob.

Lets first go into the very specific details on how this would work:


Robricks employees who wish to gain some FSD would be able to go up to an NPC inside of the Robricks building and ‘take a job’. This would then spawn a robricks truck (similar to how the postal service spawns a truck) that the robricks employee will use for the job.

There would be two types of jobs that an employee could take. They could take a cash collection job or an ATM replenishment job. Both of which will be explained below:

Cash Replenishment Job

Once the truck has spawned, all the set collection jobs will appear on their screen (again similar system as postal service) and they will go to the location, collecting the money from various business cash registers. This process would work by:

  1. Using a prompt to take the ‘money box’ tool out of the truck
  2. Go up to the register with the money box in hand
  3. Use a prompt set to a hold time of a few seconds for the money to be taken out of the register into the money box
  4. Go back to the truck and store the full money box

They will be given a random number of businesses (5-8) to collect from before then having to drive to a randomly bank in order to complete the job.

Per business collection would increase the ‘trucks value’ by 1500FSD. Allowing the total value of the truck to reach 7500-12000FSD before having to go to the bank to complete the job.

For developers eyes, if the variation of jobs makes it too unnecessarily complicated, just stick with a set number between 5-8, your choice.

ATM Replenishment Job

Once the truck has spawned, all the ATMs that must be serviced will be shown on the employees screen. They will again be given a random amount of ATMs between 5-8 to replenish. This process would work by:

  1. Using a prompt to take out a full money box from the truck
  2. Approach the ATM with the money box in hand
  3. Use the prompt with a hold time of a few seconds to transfer the money to the ATM from the box.
  4. Place the now empty box back into the truck

When the truck spawns, it has a value of 1000FSD * [Amount of ATM drops]. So it spawns with value which depletes as the job continues. Allowing the total truck value to be a minimum of 5000 FSD to 8000 FSD. To ensure there isn’t any abuse between criminals and employees, the truck wouldn’t be robbable until the first drop has been complete. To complete the job, all ATMs assigned must be replenished.

Why would employees not just choose the ‘Cash Collection Job’ which gets you the most money? Cash collection is a more valuable service as the truck gradually becomes more valuable with a bigger total value. Bigger risk bigger reward. Whereas choosing the ATM replenishment job may seem boring with less of a money incentive, but as your truck becomes less valuable over time, criminals are less likely to target a vehicle with a smaller incentive.


Now we have established how valuable a truck can be in each service, we can talk about how criminals can rob the Cash-in-transit jobs.

  1. A criminal would require a drill, the same that is used in bank robberies.

  2. A notification would appear on the screens of those who have the notification enabled on the settings tab of the game (by default disabled) that a Cash in Transit operation is occurring.

  3. Criminals would have to locate the cash in transit vehicle, which can either be done by research into what ATMs & Businesses can be interacted with OR being lucky OR tailing the truck from Robricks (risky as they can call in a possible threat and have police present while they do their job).

  4. Once located, the criminal with the drill must hold a prompt on the rear OR side door for around 15-30 seconds (up to the developers for balancing purposes) This discourages the possibility to ‘ride’ the truck while its in motion and rob it.

  5. Once the robbery has commenced, the vehicle automatically puts itself in park and is undriveable. An automated 911 is placed to inform LEOs of the robbery, plus an audible alarm from the vehicle. The location of the truck would be visible on the station maps of LEOs with a rough area of the GPS signal of the truck.

  6. This robbery time would be 3-5 minutes long (up to developers), which may seem long but would show the difference between an organised criminal to a spontaneous one as it is up to the skills and knowledge of the criminal to determine the best area to commence the robbery.

  7. On completion of the robbery, the criminal would then process dirty money and must go and process the money like every other way.

Money / Time

Developers would utilise the same scripts as the likes of store robberies to work out the amount of money the criminal would be getting in real time. This would allow the criminal to flee once they are satisfied with the amount of money they have in their inventory.

However the main catch is, depending on the value of the truck, the money transferred per second is different. An experienced criminal would know what is a good haul and what is a bad haul when they notice how much, or how little, money is being transferred into their inventory. This is because of one key factor, they don’t know two things unless they pay close attention:

  1. Criminals won’t be aware of what job the robricks employee is doing until they see them interact with the job. Are they doing Cash Collection, which means criminals should they wait until the cash haul is near the end of completion to take a higher reward. Or are they doing a ATM Replenishment which means the cash value of the truck will deplete as the truck carries on with their job.

  2. Criminals won’t be aware of how much money is inside of the truck unless they track & count how many businesses/ATMs they have interacted with. A spontaneous criminal may just attack the truck and hope that look is on their side, whereas an organised criminal may assess the truck from afar and see if it’s worth it.

Since criminals are being transferred money per second, they could choose leave whenever they want. As a criminal you have many options which I will state below:

    1a. Stay for only a short period, being happy with how much money you are getting per second.
    1b. Stay the full length of time, risking the possibility of police getting on scene, but receiving the ultimate full reward.

    2a. Stay for a short period of time or leave immediately, dissatisfied with the contents of the truck and not risk getting caught for little reward.
    2b. Stay for a longer period of time to at least get some money for the waste of a drill, but risk police getting on scene.


Trucks would only be robbable IF spawned when a suitable amount of FSP/FBI/SCSO (statewide) units are online. Only if a truck is spawned with a suitable amount of statewide units available then the notification would appear that a robbable truck is in operation to those who have the notification.

Robrick Employee Reward

There would be no incentive to carry out a scripted job without reward. Robricks employees can continue to spawn their trucks and carry out roleplay jobs without being paid, but allows for the peace of not being robbed.

Robricks employees can take the jobs even if there are not enough LEOs online, but in doing so they would be doing it with an unrobbable truck & the overall cash reward after completing the job would be less than the overall cash reward of doing the job in a robbable truck.

The rewards for completing the jobs could be:

  1. Cash Collection job:
    1a. 400 FSD for completing while ‘unrobbable’.
    1b. 1000 FSD for completing while ‘robbable’.
  2. ATM Replenishment job:
    2a: 400 FSD for completing while ‘unrobbable’.
    2b. 750 FSD for completing while ‘robbable’.

Why does 1a and 2a have the same figure? There is no point in varying the pay to favour one job when there are no risks of assets being stolen.


Developers looking to take onboard this idea, the length of this suggestion is bound to put you off with the complexity and confusion as to what I am suggesting so here’s a little segment for you if you want to make this work.

Trucks, its Variants and Additional Assets

The trucks and assets have already been scripted and are playable. The only thing things that need to be considered are:

  1. Creating a truck that is robbable. This means adding a sticker similar to the store robberies to show criminals its robbable. This variant of truck will have all the scripts to make it robbable, including a way to determine that the criminal robbing remains within the truck.
  2. Determining the best way to ‘identify’ the truck doing the job, since it will be spawned as part of the job and not from a car dealership. The best bet would be to just use the post office script by having the username of the person doing the job.

The Main Features

  1. The use of the post job script will be vital.

  2. A set list of locations for ATMs and businesses must be made.

  3. A random number generator must decide how many businesses/atms must be serviced.

  4. A script must be used, similar to the bank robbery script, to determine whether there is enough statewide units online to be able to spawn a robbable truck.
    4.1) If there isn’t enough statewide units online, an additional prompt will show to the robricks employee saying “There are not enough LEOs online to spawn a robbable truck, do you want to continue with a reduced job reward”.

  5. A value must be made for robbable trucks to determine the financial value of the truck’s contents.

  6. A way to determine the location of the truck being robbed must also be thought of properly, which will be the most complex task.

  7. A way to disable the group locked doors on the rear/side of the truck ONLY AFTER the robbery has commenced.

  8. A way to determine the ‘money box’ was used on the interaction prompt in the business or ATM, before returning it to the truck. Could be done by the use of ‘FULL MONEY BOX’ and ‘EMPTY MONEY BOX’ tools.

  9. A way to notify people that a robbable truck has spawned. As stated before, by default a turned off notification but is able to be turned on through settings

  10. After dropping the business cash off at the random bank assigned, the value of the truck goes back to zero, so it returns to Robricks with no value.

Additional things to take into consideration:

  • The employee mustn’t be able to take multiple jobs at the same time
  • The employee mustn’t be able to respawn a truck thats currently being robbed (until the robbable time has elapsed)
  • The location of the trucks location on the LEO station maps must be removed after the time has elapsed.
  • the rear of the trucks need to be group locked to prevent criminals from riding inside of the truck while trying to rob it (before it anchors itself)
  • The employee must return to the robricks NPC to get paid after completing the job tasks.
  • Preventing criminals from remaining in their vehicles, beside the truck, whilst robbing. They should be inside/near the truck on foot.
  • The drill must only be able to work when the truck is STATIONARY or at slow speed, otherwise immediately anchoring the vehicle (similar to a vessel) would cause the players inside to move as if its a conveyor belt.
    Recommend that if a truck is above a certain speed, such as 10sps, the robbery won’t commence as they are likely vehicle surfing at that speed. Whereas if it moves a few SPS as its trying to get out of being blocked by vehicles, then the robbery can still commence


I understand this is a complex thread to follow along, I have done my best to think in detail on how this can be implemented, so less work is required on the developers to be able to decipher and actually produce what I have suggested.

I have spent a few hours of my time actually coming up with this theory after many days of thought on how at all it’s possible without being abused. During this time I have walked away from this thread to actually focus on life, therefore I may have missed some key details that I may have originally thought I implemented, but in fact are still in my head.

I am, as always, open to further suggestions, feedback, support and constructive criticism of this thread. I will answer all comments with questions, concerns or suggestions regarding improvements, which will likely lead to me amending a few parts to this suggestion to suit the feedback.

One major thing I would like feedback and honest opinions on is the FSD rewards for both criminals and employees. I’ve tried my hardest to come up with realistic figures to make it balanced and I haven’t included it in the thread on why I came up with those figures, but will explain in comments on why I chose what I did and whether or not your proposed altered rewards would work or be too much/too little (So don’t be disheartened if I pick your proposals of money apart, I am just trying to get a debate going). Criminals, I do not know the max/min figures for certain robberies, so quite honestly I might be TOTALLY wrong on overall reward. I kinda want it to be under Bank Robbery but above all else.

any amendments I will cross out what was originally proposed to the amended bit

Again this thread is very complex and quite likely hard to follow. I’ve just done my best to put what’s inside my head onto a thread. I’m not doing a tldr.


Agreed :point_up_2::point_up_2:


This would be great! I think that it would require several criminals in order to pull off, since Robricks drivers are armed and the law does allow them to use deadly force to protect assets because of this, I think that it is unnecessary to have an online police requirement. Drivers are able to defend themselves. It would be very hard to rob a truck without murdering the employee, so that is something worth considering.


That would definitely be something that can be consider. I think the reason I chose to have the police requirement is the factor of, what if they’re not armed or what if its spawned purely just so that the game mechanics can be abused by criminals to get free money. Adding a police requirement just reduces the risk of the game mechanic being abused without it being reported to the game mods. I’ll have a think on this though and see if it could reduce the need of police.


Spawning in to help a criminal get free cash is quite literally a crime, and robricks requires its people to be CFL (or POST, but most are CFLs anyways)




Get to work boy @blaadam


Great suggestion shorty!


Very good suggestion


problem is, it takes literally 5 minutes to go from one side of the map to the other. you cant really take anyone hostage in the vehicle to stall the cops since its so small. believe it should be 1-2 minutes like house and store robberies that grant you approximately the same amount of dirty money

adding on, as a docm employee and business owner, i am not allowed to take businesses hostage, or commit any crimes while they are on shift. so i hope robricks will have an exception from the docm handbook regulations

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If someone was busted abusing it, DOJ would prosecute them for criminal conspiracy, and all employees are legal anyway. Also, not being armed on an armed transport team is kinda silly. Yes, it’s a choice, but at that point you’re just risking yourself.

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This is how some of the suggestions that get thrown into the forums should be created; plenty of detail.



I can understand what you mean, my original thought was it gunna be more of a ‘stand-off’ situation than a hostage situation. There would need to be an exemption from DOCM policy regarding taking businesses employees hostage as it could be something that may interfere with the whole idea. Idk DOCMs standpoint on this, it’ll be up to them but something I can speak to them about.

I can say now as a Robrick’s manager that at least the driver will be trained to stay within the drivers cab and not exit unless the situation is deemed absolutely necessary. It is a bulletproof cab and the driver should be able to survive an attack if they’re in the vehicle at the time of the robbery. We obviously arm our employees to protect themselves and the assets they carry however as a company we gotta take into consideration the fact that an employee may choose not to defend the asset when there are too many threats to fight. If there are 2-3 employees in/around the truck however then they are probably more likely to defend unless of course taken at gunpoint.

I think the timings can definitely be revised, and even fine tuned after implementing it into the game. At the end of the day the ability to strategise should take precedent over forced game mechanics, if there is a spike in robrick trucks attacks then LEOs may choose to start tailing trucks.


i only read the title but i love the idea


This Suggestion is Awsome


Cool suggestion :3