Richie_Bear and policetonyR for State of Firestone!


               “Building and improving Firestone, for you and with you!”


  • Introduction
  • International Defence
  • Justice System Revamp
  • Press Secretarial Duties
  • Foreign outreach
  • Protection Readiness
  • Law Enforcement Community Outreach
  • The better criminal scheme
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Our Cabinet
  • Conclusion

Hello, and welcome.

I am Richie_Bear, some of you may know me as CrusinRichie or Unamedmaster2 for you real TRC OGs. But for those of you that don’t know me, I am a long standing member of the Firestone community. I would describe myself as that quiet, fly on the wall kind of person up until now. Which, I suppose comes from being an Intelligence Office Agent for such a long time (Yes I know all of your secrets, just kidding) However, I will go into detail on just some of the experiences I have acquired over the many years I have been a member of this great, but sometimes toxic community.

I am currently the Department of Homeland Security Associate Director. During my time within the Department of Homeland Security I have accomplished many great tasks, most of which will never be released to the public. During my time within the Department of Homeland Security, I have been: A Federal Protective Service Officer, a Secret Service Agent, A Crisis Response Team Agent, Intelligence Office Agent, Sergeant and Chief. Which led me to my current position.

But not all my experiences come from DHS. I was FSP, FNG and FBI. FBI Special Agent in Charge to be exact. This has led me to have a decent knowledge not just with the law enforcement side, but the side of the other community within the State of Firestone. The big, scary Civilians.

Now, I aim to work, and to improve this entire State to make it better than ever for all members of the community. Now, you may realise that I am not the ‘popular’ one, or the so well known one. But this just pushes me harder and harder to do right by those that have been swept under the rug.

Now, you may also notice my experience comes less from the government / political side of the State of Firestone. That, is why I have partnered withhhhhhh!


Hello All, I am the current Chief of Staff policetonyR. I have come from the age of Rockport and moved to Firestone around early 2017. I graduated POST class 20. I joined DHS during that year and became CRT later in that year. I noticed that v2 ran horribly on my pc and decided to resign from DHS and run for public office. I won special elections, which only meant I was in office for a short time. I later ran four successful campaigns to the House of Representatives. I decided that was enough and ran for the Senate. I became President Pro Tempore following Raymond’s resignation from Lieutenant Governor and Innovative, the current PPT, being bumped up to Lieutenant Governor. I maintained President Pro Tempore until I resigned to become a deputy with SCSO. I later left the Senate and joined DHS for the third time and have been here since. I have served in all branches if you count Law Clerk for the Firestone Courts, a judicial position. I believe this and my experience as Senate leadership qualified to become your next Lieutenant Governor!

International Defence:

International defence shall have one important target. To ensure that the State of Firestone has solid, reliable and effect defence from foreign attacks, I will work directly with the Department of State, Department of Defence and Firestone National Guard to create what will be known as ‘Joint-task force Bravo’ It will consist of a board of most trusted members within the Departments and they will report directly to the Governor of Firestone. They will be responsible for classified operations such as deploying into international territory to scout and or deter attacks against our State.

Now, for obvious reasons. I am unable to release more information on plans for this task-force, however. I would like to say that it will play a very crucial part in protecting our State and our Civilians.


It has been brought to our attention that the Justice system is in need of some TLC. We are both in agreement to speak to those key for bringing criminals to justice. We plan on creating a new, better way to bring in new, fresh judges into our State. Current Justices have been swamped with cases and are stretched thin resulting in long wait times. We plan on changing this. Together, with you and your help.

We also plan on creating a way for Departments to be more involved. We are currently proposing ideas to have departments select key ‘legal masterminds’ to ensure that the department has somebody they can go directly to if they should face any kind of legal issue. This will also ensure that Law Enforcement are less scared of being charged as they will know exactly who it is they can go to for any advice and help.

Press Secretarial Duties

Recently we have noticed the previous Governors have had a decrease in the communication between themselves, and the rest of the community. In order to solve this we have decided we will make an easy, effective method of communication through the use of a website. This website is currently in development and will involve an easy way for us, the administration communicate directly to the civilians. It will also allow us to keep an up-to-date site including information for all departments and the government.

Foreign Outreach

Both of us agree, that our State department is a great department, however, we both wish for it to further thrive. So, therefore we will be consulting with the Department of State and supporting them to move forward with their communications and relationship building with other Department of States. We will focus on States such as: Mayflower.

We will release further plans for the State Department in regards to their policies.

Protection Readiness

Protection of all of our Citizens is a number one priority. Therefore, we plan to create a safe, secure Stapleton County no matter what criminals may throw at us. To help us ensure that we can achieve this we will be doing a joint operation with the Department of Defence to ensure that appropriate plans and training is made to ensure that even under large scale hostile attacks, Law Enforcement and Medical are able to keep the civilians safe.

I will also be talking with and setting up a well rounded Security Council prepared to assist with every challenge thrown as us.

Law Enforcement Community Outreach

The Law Enforcement Community has a big, defensive wall between them and the regular, civilians when it comes to speaking, and engaging with them. Therefore, we propose to have more organised, government approved events including all great Departments of the State of Firestone. Events will come from ideas directly suggested by both Civilians, and Law Enforcement / Medical professionals. The first major event we will begin planning upon election, will be a big parade consisting of all departments. More information to be released at a later date.

The Better Criminal Scheme

Criminals are often seen as an ‘evil’ to those within the community. However, we want to offer Civilians the chance to improve their lives. We will be creating a scheme that offers those within the Criminal community to become a part of the ‘lighter side’ community. Therefore, policies will be created alongside, the Department of Justice to offer an incentive for those reformed criminals. Working with the Department of Justice our administration will work on guidelines set to ensure that those that take part in this scheme are only those that are willing to become a better individual and a fine standing member of the Community.

Our Cabinet

Our Cabinet will be very similar to the cabinet you see today. This is because we believe that the errors and issues we have right now can be fixed by the leaders that you guys currently have. Why fix everything when you can fix the little issue there is?

Therefore we are glad to be inviting all of the following to join us as administration:

Hobo_Bear - Major General of FNG

B_ear - POST Director

Colorful_parrots - DHS Secretary

Code_Law - FSP Colonel

CanineEnforcement - DoD Secretary

KensterVids - DoC Warden

SeanCityNavy - Chief of Staff

Cenosity - Secretary of State

AlbusSkywaker - Secretary of Commerce

Ryananderson - DPS Secretary

NotFoundDev - DoBW Secretary

iLordOfAviation - Aviation Secretary

Mack12312678910 - FFA Director

This list will be updated over time.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation has been stopped by the current congress members, this I believe needs to change. A department should not be established at the last minute, this is what causes issues, therefore, I would like to help establish the DPR and assist them in every way possible


We hope, after reading this you will see our points, and everything that we wish to accomplish. We both have many other ideas that we have thought of, or have been asked to assist others in accomplishing however, we can not put all of those on paper. But we are not your regular politician, we will make good on our promises.

We would both like to thank you for spending your time reading this, I am sure we are going to be releasing more ideas, and information during this election period.









big mama ang


Just a note to readers: A new, improved Agenda, and speech will be released in the coming days!

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you missed multiple departments on your cabinet list. Anyone else see that??

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Yes, like mentioned the list was not finalised. Hence the message: list will be updated. This should come with the newer improved version.

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Since Richie didn’t post it, Here’s our server!

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