Rework the firearms

Everyone who ever used a firearm knows how bad our current firearms are. Thats why I think they need to be reworked, at least for V3.

Guns have to be reworked because

  1. Laggy. They cause server lag, it cant be fixed by the player because it doesnt depend on the player’s computer or wifi connection. If you really want to make V3 less laggy then firearms have to be reworked. Also, this server lag causes a lot of issues with aiming and shooting, especially in close quarter combat.

  2. Unrealistic damage. Makarov that kills with 3 shots, MP5 kills in 5 shots, G23 takes 7 shots. This info was verified on practice. Do you think its fair? No, I dont want to say that we need criminal guns to be nerfed and LEO guns to be improved. I say that in real life there is no such thing as “how many bullets does it take to kill a person with different firearms”. What I suggest is make most weapons kill with 2-3 shots, dealing a damage that will range from like 45 to 60 that depends on their real life caliber. So weapons will only differ with a higher fire rate, caliber and other properties like in real life.

  3. Unrealistic spread. As an example I would like to take MP5. MP5 spread is insane, after a test I understood that out of 5 bullets only like 1 hits the dot in the center of the mouse. This has to be fixed because its almost impossible to hit someone like that. I doubt that any of guns we have in the county have such spread as the do in real life. Why not make spread depend on how long do you hold the trigger instead, so it will be proper spread and not just a laser show?

What I am trying to suggest is supposed to balance, improve and make guns better. I think this has to be done at least for V3, because it has to be done at all. If you like that suggestion use the like button instead of saying “Support” pls kthx, if you dont then say why.


Don’t forget different sounds depending on the type of gun.

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If theres a shots fired in RW gas, I can hear it from 401 near promience. This is how horrible it is.

The guns also like freaking 5 yard - 20 yard lightning bolts and look like freaking unrealistic af

And the damage is just ass


I concur.

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I brought this up a few months back and a few devs said that guns are being completely revamped in v3, so lets hope they hold true to that promise

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Along with the guns being revamped in V3, maybe there should be a larger selection of firearms that have their own features. Such as damage done, distance the bullet goes, etc.