Revolutionizing Bar Exam Reviewers for a Just Verdict

The bar exam is a pivotal moment for aspiring lawyers, serving as a gateway to the legal profession. However, I have raised concerns regarding the fairness and accuracy of the exam scoring process. I’m calling for the reform of bar exam reviewers, highlighting the unjustified scoring of my exam and the possibility of bias against me.

My bar exam was scored at a meager 15! My provided answers for the exam demonstrate a clear understanding of legal principles, such as the Governor’s power to declare a State of Emergency and the appropriate pre-trial motion in a civil case etc. However, the low score contradicts the expected level of proficiency, thus suggesting an unjustified evaluation.

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talk to blee or something idk

Kinda weird to bring it up now considering your exam was graded in May, and with such detailed and riveting answers as this (Screenshot - 4b28f8fa0f68ea964ab7b3cc9d224188 - Gyazo) how could you possibly have failed?!


This shows @exmvma as the most hard working and aspiring bca! How could you let your biased team unfairly mark her!!!

It’s detailed enough! It shows my thinking about the specific circumstances and the potential impact of the rules.

Now, posting a screenshot of my bar exam answer for all to see? Oh no, no no! That’s totally unethical, sweetie! You see, bar exams have these, like super strict rules about confidentiality and security and you just broke that rule and could mess up the whole bar exam process. It’s like sharing spoilers for a movie before it’s even released! Uncool!


um… how does one manage to score so low on the bar exam…

Ethics are a touchy subject for Danny.

i say i support the exam readers in their decision based on what danny has posted. please stop posting shit on the forums


This is frantic code word for “oh crap, I messed up”. Not sure why you’re surprised that you got called on your own bull.


Fuck you

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can’t even pass the bar exam in the year of our lord 2023, give up, pack it in

even danny could pass it

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As an aspiring lawyer, you should know, you don’t always get what you want. And life isn’t fair. Sorry you had to learn that principle just now.

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